Attention Retailers

FINALLY Drive More Foot Traffic, Move Product
Faster & Increase Profit Now

Start by asking yourself these questions:

Finally, your solution revealed…

I will teach you to love your numbers.

Ok, that might be a stretch. ☺ But I'll teach you easy-to-use, step-by-step methods that will make you finally feel like the master of your numbers and your store and get the answers to all the above questions.

You will finally be able to:

Best of all, you will sleep better knowing that you are on track for more...profit, fun, sales & peace of mind.


It is priceless! Also the inventory classes are blowing my mind!

I have been learning quite a bit from Cathy and just finished up my calendar. I am looking at the numbers more before making decisions. Learning how to balance the inventory. Having the marketing calendar planned out instead of just a month ahead makes it much easier! It is priceless! Also the inventory classes are blowing my mind!

-Dawn Mueller, Owner of Best Wishes

Dear Fellow Retailer:

Do you feel trapped in your store sometimes – afraid to leave because you will miss a big sale?

Afraid to look at your numbers? Don't know what numbers to look at?

Does it seem like things are ok but you aren't sure of what is truly possible in your store? How do you compare to other successful stores? Can you be doing better?

Do you wish you knew exactly what to do to make more money in your store?

You are not the only one. I have talked to hundreds of retailers who struggle with the same thoughts and feelings.

Retail is shockingly hard.

You got into business because you love and are passionate about _____ (insert clothing, books, toys or the color green), but you did not know much or anything about running a retail business. Perhaps you previously worked in a big business and learned enough there to get by, but you haven't studied the ins and outs of retail management.

You are naturally good at things like picking trendy inventory, and merchandising your store and making it look nice. You take a lot of pride in your store, when you're not too frustrated to remember that. You use gut feel to make your buying decisions, not data, so you may over-order in particular categories. And because the best inventory sells quickly, you're often left with the "bad buying decisions" on the floor. These things cause you to believe you are bad at buying and not give yourself credit for what you do right.

You are likely not profitable in your business, or not even sure if you are. However, you have invested much time and money into this business and you do want to make it work. You've got some pride on the line, and also deep down you would love to be able to spend money on _____(insert travel, kids college, spa days or etc). Instead you keep waiting to really pay yourself until you see evidence that you're finally "through the woods."

Mostly you are tired. You're tired of feeling inadequate at the work you love. You are tired of working 7 days a week - either because you can't relinquish control, can't find good employees, or don't believe you can afford the best employees yet. You're tired of feeling like you are constantly trying to get rid of your mistakes (bad inventory), and tired of knowing you SHOULD be spending time Analyzing data? You don't know exactly what. There isn't time, and while you think you should know how, you really don't.

You know you need help, but are nervous to share what's really going on with anyone. You keep thinking that when you just get time to get your act together, you'll find some help. If only someone could help you get your act together

... do they exist?

I have phenomenal news for you!

You are in the right place.

Enter the...RETAILMaven

(That's me...over to the left!)

I'm Cathy Donovan Wagner and I'm called the RETAIL Maven. Why? A client named me that because I helped her to achieve the store she dreamed of. I am a trusted retail expert with 25+ years experience - and I'm passionate about showing retailers how to MAKE MORE PROFIT and have more fun.

I started just like you. That story above is my story too. But I did get help… and changed my store and my life.

Cathy causes us to stop, evaluate and change direction as necessary. Invaluable!

"When we decided to open our toy store, we knew we would need some help since we had never had a retail business before. We attended ASTRA Marketplace immediately to learn about the industry which is where we met Cathy. The smartest thing we did thereafter was enlist her guidance.

After five years of working with her, we now realize that Cathy is like having our own personal Board of Directors. We get so caught up in running our business each day so having our ‘Board' forces us to stop and MANAGE our business. She is the bird's eye view we need to make sure we manage our resources effectively without getting bogged down in the everyday stuff. We can't even imagine our business without Cathy at this point – she causes us to stop, evaluate and change direction as necessary. Invaluable!

- Eric & Brandy Masoncup, Geppetto's Toy Box

Stop for a moment.
Take a deep breath.
Close your eyes....

Actually all you have to do is to imagine this in your mind:


My RETAILMavens Profit System will give you the precise simple steps to take to get all the moving parts of your store moving in the same great profitable direction.

You see I know that owning a store means that you wear a whole lot of hats. But, really, can I be honest with you? You don't look good when you wear them all at once.

Let's take them off and get each one to fit well once and for all.

And you don't have to do it alone. You have got an expert in your corner. A maven. The RETAIL Maven.

Me. Cathy Donovan Wagner.

I opened my first store over 25 years ago and quickly grew it to 3 stores in Chicago grossing more than 2 million dollars. I sold them and have been consulting and speaking to hundreds of independent specialty store owners for the last 11 years. I'm a national retail speaker and have been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Women's Wear Daily, Money Magazine just to name a few. I have learned what it takes to make a successful profitable store. Implementing these processes, uncovering opportunities and encouraging business growth are my specialties. I work closely with retailers to develop action plans that increase sales, improve cash flow and create success. I am proud to say that in the last 3 years, my private clients have all seen MORE profits with each successive year.

They all made more profit in 2009 over 2008, and in 2010 over 2009 and in 2011 over 2010 and this year is looking good too!

I am uniquely qualified to teach you. The other part of my experience is that I have made mistakes – ones that I don't want you to make. I almost went bankrupt twice. It wasn't fun.

But I learned what to do to turn it around and be more profitable and love going to my store again. Most importantly, I learned how to take time off...and create traditions and special times with my family. When our oldest was 18, she entered a contest sponsored by a national game company. She spoke about some of our crazy traditions – like getting a pie in your face on your birthday. That's a photo of my husband and business partner Paul in action. Her essay won and we were named "America's Most Fun Family."

Here's why I created RETAILMavens Profit System…

In fact, this is why I sold my stores and started met store owners who were frustrated and trapped and second guessing themselves...Retailers who thought that there weren't any other options. It broke my heart. I knew that it didn't have to be that way.

I am here to tell you that there's hope. Now, all I teach, speak, consult and write about is indie retailing, nothing else. I know there are invaluable strategies, hidden opportunities and critical options for indie retailers like you. I spent 3 years taking every single tool of what has worked for me and my hundreds of consulting clients and put it into a home study system that I call the RETAILMavens Profit System.

Now that I know how to be successful in retail and what the system is, I'm here to spread the word!

You see, indie retailing is the cornerstone of economies and is the backbone of communities and neighborhoods. I want to help retailers like you help your neighborhood you do.

I want retailers like you to get more profit and better results, so that you can have more fun and better sleep!

The RETAILMavens Profit System will:

The only question is...are you ready to discover all these benefits for yourself?

You are going to get so much value from this.

It's the only course that takes you by the hand and walks you, step-by-step, through everything you need to transform your life and your business.



Will Show You Exactly How YOU Can Do It TOO!

So what is the RETAILMavens Profit System™? It is a retail training system and toolkit, a compilation of absolutely everything I learned and now share with my clients to help them drive more traffic, move more product and get more profit. The thick 3-ring binder includes 190+ pages, worksheets and 10 CDs.

What you will get

The RETAILMavens Profit System™

Cathy has taken us from contemplating closing our doors to having both hope and confidence in our business. 

"Due in large part to both Management One and Cathy, we had our best holiday season to date.  We were telling Cathy that 2011 was our first holiday where Meme and I weren't high five-ing each other because something super old on our sales floor finally sold.  Because of both Management One and Cathy, all our inventory was fresh and we had the right things on the sales floor.  We actually found ourselves a little shocked at just how fast things were selling.

For the first time ever, we were proud of everything we sold.  As we were ringing up customers, we never looked at each other and thought, "Oh, finally that ugly thing is leaving!!"  And it was because Cathy had already helped us get rid of all that stuff.

So, please know how grateful we are for your service and that we absolutely adore Cathy.  She has taken us from contemplating closing our doors to having both hope and confidence in our business.  We just can't say enough good things about Cathy -- we love her both as a mentor and a person.  The only thing that we regret is that we did not find you guys sooner. Thank you very much Cathy.  We are so glad we met you."

-Bree, Founder & Owner of Initial Attraction

Here is what is included in 12 modules:

  1. Setting Goals: What Do You Really Want?

    1. How do you want your life as a retailer to look?
    2. Do you want to work Saturdays?
    3. What is your personal money goal?
    4. Define your $1,000,000 store
  2. Newsflash – You Aren't Good At Every Part Of Retail

    1. 2 reasons why it guarantees you more freedom
    2. The secret to enjoying your worklife
  3. Don't Aim Low - Do NOT Do Your BreakEven Analysis

    1. The #1 line item that must be included
    2. How does your store's numbers compare to other successful stores
    3. Does your accountant do a good job?
  4. Demystifying your Financials and Cash Flow

    1. How to get from where you are to where you want to be
    2. What is your cash position and why it matters
    3. What 2 numbers can you ignore?
    4. Please DO NOT ignore these 5 numbers
    5. How to forecast your Cash Flow
  5. The Key Ingredient That Allows You To Laugh In the Face of the Internet

    1. How to max it out
    2. How to leverage it
    3. Define your own clearly
    4. See real world examples
  6. Get the word out: Marketing

    1. The single more important thing
    2. How to do one thing and use it 4 times
    3. Master Facebook
    4. Everyone forgets to do this
    5. Rinse and Repeat
    6. The Plan
    7. Good ads and Bad ads
  7. What will always trip you up?

    1. It isn't what you might think
    2. It keeps you playing small
    3. If you only learn this, the Academy will pay for itself 10 times over
  8. The 5 Why's of Events

    1. What will really bring people through your door
    2. How do you get them to leave their computers
    3. The Magic that only YOU can create
  9. The Right Amount At The Right Time At The Right Price: Inventory Planning

    1. Numbers vs Gut?
    2. Is this vendor profitable?
    3. No numbers decisions
    4. What is crucial to do first?
    5. What is stupid to do last?
  10. The 2nd Inventory Plan

    1. What is the perfect markdown?
    2. Define the strategy
    3. How long do I hold on to it?
    4. Real world ideas (worth the price of tuition alone)
  11. Sales and Sales People

    1. Who are the best and where to find them?
    2. If you don't do this – never complain about your staff
    3. How to really get training done – and kill 2 birds with one stone
    4. The Game Changer Tool
    5. Motivating – what really works?
    6. How much to share with your staff?
  12. For Freedom in Retail Life: this is it

    1. How many do you need?
    2. Prioritizing
    3. Focusing
    4. Timing
    5. The be-all-end-all

Yahoo! Once you put these steps into place, you are on track to increasing your sales and profit! It is simple. Really. You will have me showing you PRECISELY HOW to do that - including all these tools, strategies, and proven techniques. In addition, you'll learn tons more to quickly accomplish all your goals and set up systems for making more money in your store AND adding more freedom in your life.

I now have a tool to fix any challenge that arises in my store.

I found this to be invaluable as a relative newcomer to the retail world. It touched on so many aspects of running a retail store that I am much better prepared overall -- I now have a tool to fix any challenge that arises in my store. The financial benchmarks were fantastic and the marketing ideas were particularly helpful. Thank you for putting this together!

-Kim Mitchell, Boing!


My sales were the best EVER since the store was open in 1994!!!

Cathy, just to say thank you so much for the great information. Although I did not have an event on the Mothers Day weekend, my sales were the best EVER since the store was open in 1994!!! And all just because we implemented some of your ideas. I am YOUR raving fan forever!!!

-Dina van Zyl, Owner of Hyper Crafters' Shop


Alright, Cathy, I am ready to get started!

That is great! And your actions reveal much about you…Have you read about the studies that show how decisive people who take action quickly are much more likely to succeed in life and business than those who tend to over-think each opportunity? Congratulations on being predetermined for success! Here's how you can proceed: click here to go to checkout.

I loved the fact that Cathy not only gave good precise info, but a plan of action to go with it.

"I just completed everything. It was like someone plugged in my battery charger. I am so pumped right now but not overwhelmed!

I loved the fact that Cathy not only gave good precise info, but a plan of action to go with it. Her explanation of OTB was great. The sessions on financial reports took awhile to soak in but since you could listen to the recorded sessions over and over, I was able to have that ah-hah moment and it all fell into place. There was one session on 'Who Is Your Customer' that I had all my employees watch. I could see light bulbs going off during the employee meeting and have seen a change in their selling habits. I would highly recommend this to both newbies and old-timers. Go get jump-started!"

-Terry Myers, Founder & CEO of Kaleidoscope Toys

By implementing the simple lessons learned from this 12-session RETAILMavens Profit System, you will have created so many fabulous results for yourself. You will walk away with everything you need to effectively take control of your store and live the life you dreamed.

My personal clients spend tens of thousands of dollars for this information. But my goal from the beginning was to create something that would allow many retailers to take advantage of it. Because I want to be able to help so many independent retailers become more profitable so that they can spread their passion with their customers. As they do that, the local economy gets stronger and neighborhoods flourish.

So when I priced this, I thought about the extreme value you are going to get. And I realized that it really comes down to just one question….

What is the value?

You know that I am a numbers gal and I am all about return on investment. So I looked at it a couple of different ways for you.

If just ONE more buying customer walks through your door each week and your average sale is $46.50, then you have increased your sales by $2418. Now, wait… still have to pay for those goods. So, let's say that you have to pay $1161 for them….then that leaves an extra $1257 for you

From just one extra customer per week! (WHAT? You don't know your average sale...ARGHHH...sign up now. You need this. What an impact this will have!)

How about if you can correctly handle your inventory purchases and you are able to reduce your cost of goods to what they should be? If you do $500,000 and you reduce it by even just 1%, that is an extra $5000 in your pocket.

What if you have a weekend event and run it the way I lay out for you? You can increase your profits for that weekend by at least 50%. How much is that worth to you? $2000? $4000?

All of this is possible for you. In fact, I will be sharing the simple steps with you to do ALL OF THE ABOVE in the RETAILMavens Profit System! So you see the information and skills you learn can net you 100 times what you ended up investing, in the next 10 to 20 years...something to think over.

While my private consulting program is an investment in the thousands of dollars total, the RETAILMavens Profit System™ was created so that you can do this on your own, at your own pace in a REALLY affordable way.

Remember what I said about wanting to spread the word, in a big way to help indie retailers succeed? And that I'm tired of seeing talented retailers be frustrated and bang their heads against the wall over and over? Well, I've chosen to make it easy for you to afford this system.

Instead of charging the cost of my regular coaching program, or even the cost of my 15-week RETAILMavens Academy program, I'm making this entire RETAILMavens Profit System available at the outstanding price of only $497.

You can even use an easy installment plan!

Are you FINALLY ready to become the master of your store, take charge of it, start making more profit and taking home more money?


1 Payment of $497

7 Payments of $89


Cathy has provided a tremendous amount of expert guidance that has led to a confidence in the way we run our business.

Cathy has provided a tremendous amount of expert guidance that has led to a confidence in the way we run our business. She has provided a steady hand to lead us through the ups and downs of business start-up, expansion and steady growth.

- Molly Kiefer, Founder & Owner of Mia Sorella

The bottom line here is…..

You would spend this much on a new vendor hoping for good results - how often have you ended up marking it down...

What money are you losing by not doing it? Tick Tock.

Within days you can recover your investment in this system.

If you are thinking...

"I won't have time for it – I don't have time to do my work now"

Have you ever heard that Henry Ford quote: "Either you will or you won't, either way you are right"? The same is true here.

The FIRST item that I train on is time/priority management. Your concern about time and the "Retail Time Warp Zone" is one of the reasons I developed this program to help you fix this crazy problem. Get out of that hamster wheel.

"I'll start it and won't finish it."

If this is your concern you are probably right and you won't. So don't waste your money and time...oh... but you want things to be different? You know the answer to that. Let me paraphrase that famous quote from Einstein. I love it. "If you want different results – you have to take different actions." GIVE THIS GIFT TO YOUR SELF! COMMIT TO MAKING A DIFFERENCE in your store, with your staff, to your customers and yourself and to your loved ones.

"What about the installment payments?"

Yes, sure thing. You can also purchase for 7 payments of $89 billed 30 days apart.

"What's your return policy – aka GUARANTEE?"

You are protected by my "I Love RETAILMavens Profit System" Guarantee. I am confident that you will love this and be thrilled. But if you decide that it's not for you....just let us know and we will get you a full refund. We want you happy. 100% guarantee. Period.

SO I have removed all the risk from you…and have taken it myself. This makes this a real no-brainer.

I know, I know…I'm not charging enough. But remember, this is subject to change at any time!

"Yes, Cathy, I am ready to drive more foot traffic consistently through my front door, move more product every day and increase my profits!"

I understand I'll receive a PRINTED COPY of your 190+ page manual in a sturdy 2" binder with all the ideas, strategies, and resources I'll need to create steady traffic flow that will increase my sales
This includes 35 worksheets to get me to take action and understand this once and for all.
Plus, I get 13 cd's that I can listen to and will help me get results even faster as I learn faster.
I understand the RETAILmavens Profit System™ comes with a full, one-year money back guarantee, and I can receive a refund anytime this year if I am not completely satisfied.

If I live in the United States, I should receive my physical package within 2 weeks. (Allow 4 weeks for non-U.S. orders.)

Choose your option at checkout:


1 Payment of $497

7 Payments of $89


Remember, when you are considering an opportunity to choose between where you've been and SUCCESS, don't look at what an opportunity costs. Look at what that opportunity is worth.

Just imagine this in your mind:

You have just come home from a 2 week vacation and your team left you an email (per your instructions) telling you that they beat sales goal by 11%. You go into the store the next day and your desk is clear, the mail is open and sorted with a few highlighted questions on your desk. You walk out onto the floor and the new shipments were received, priced and are selling already! Your employee greets you with a hug and tells you about the fantastic event that they had while you were gone and all the wonderful responses to the marketing email that went out.

This is how you dreamed your life would be when you opened your store.

That's a RETAILMavens store!

Grab the tools you need to make that a reality for your life.

Or you can continue to struggle on your own. Your choice. Make the decision now.

With the RETAILMavens Profit System™, I am giving you everything I can so you can increase your sales, profits and control! You'll finish with the skills to live out your dream and your stress levels will be greatly reduced.

What are you waiting for? You know you would invest this much in a vendor and just HOPE to get your investment returned once….You will reap these benefits multiple times over – without taking one single markdown! Your book and CD's are waiting. Order Now.

Happy Retailing,

Cathy Wagner





For more profits and better results ...for more fun and better sleep

P.S. As someone who knew nothing about retail – heck I was going to medical school – then I decided to open a store because I "thought it would be fun" and it was at first but then descended into a NIGHTMARE. Not just once but twice...all because of simple mistakes that could have been avoided.

Please know that is why I created this program for you. I want you to get out of the hamster wheel and take charge of your store and not let it control you any longer. Do it.

PPS: Remember, you're making this purchase at absolutely NO RISK, so grab this price while you can! You've got nothing to lose, so get your very own system right now.

Additionally, your satisfaction is completely and absolutely guaranteed.

That's my personal promise.

Return Policy: You may return your purchase within one year from date of purchase provided it is in perfect, resale-able condition (no writing on pages, no smudges or dirt, etc.). To get the return process started, please email the team at They will give you the address for returning your product.

P.P.S. You have to read what Linda said on Facebook about this info:

The wealth of information I have gained from your RETAILMavens is priceless.

I have been in business for more than 15 years and have worked with several consultants over the years, but the wealth of information I have gained from your RETAILMavens is priceless. I'm not sure how I found you but I thank God that I did.

-Linda Mayer Flaherty


I have found this to be the best investment I have ever made for my shop.

I am part of Cathy's course on how to improve your business. I have found this to be the best investment I have ever made for my shop. Cathy's guidance is clear, specific, and detailed. She has shown me what to do for my business using MY numbers. I finally understand what Open-to-Buy means for ME and how everything flows together. Her approach builds on itself from the very first effort of defining what you want from your business, where you are, and exactly how to get from here to there. She is positive and upbeat and speaks from a position of experience. She knows where each of us is in our business, because she's been there. Cathy, you're the best ♥

-Ellen Watson Lewis


1 Payment of $497

7 Payments of $89



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