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6-Figure Holiday Blueprint

Cash in on holiday shopping season with this proven, weekly, step-by-step blueprint for a more profitable holiday season. You’ll learn to execute marketing, merchandising, and team coaching for increased sales and a more effective team, so that you don’t have to feel overwhelmed

Understand how to adjust what and how you sell to maximize sales and profits

Provide your team with weekly sales training and measurable goals

Equip your store with systems and process to boost efficiencies

“[By following the Holiday Blueprint this year] I beat last December by 45%, and I beat the holiday shopping season (Black Friday through today) by 43% AND we had one less week!”
— Sue Daly, retailer

Christmas sale sign hanging on the store

Killer Clearance Sale Secrets

If you’ve ever wondered how to rid your store of old or extra inventory (and make money in the process), this is the course for you.

During this self-guided program, you’ll follow step-by-step instructions to sell the right inventory at the right price and the right time — using consumer psychology to guarantee your success.

Moving outdated, unsold inventory is the first step to stocking the products people want. And gets you closer to the profits you crave.

“We did [a sale based on Killer Clearance Sale Secrets] this past summer. We cleared out [about] 95% percent of our clearance stuff, about $15k retail, and the best part is that we actually MADE money on it. I actually had to bring in merchandise to fill out our upcoming sale as we just don’t have that much stuff currently on the floor that needs to go into clearance.”
—Leanne Payne, Cherry Lane Scrapbook Shoppe

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