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Independent retailers form the foundation of American business.

The opening of an independent retail store is the realization of your lifelong dream. But, let’s face it, the task of running a retail store profitably can keep you up at night. Follow the path of successful retailers who use proven blueprints — like our own Profit Breakthrough SystemTM — to grow your business and see more profits. Ultimately, the result is better sleep so you can face each day with enthusiasm.


Of new businesses have positive cash flow in year one


All it takes for most retailers to see major breakthroughs


Average sales increase, while decreasing inventory 19%

$ Million

Revenue growth (from zero) in 29 months

Our Team is Your Team

RETAILMavens is led by industry thought leader and former retailer Cathy Donovan Wagner and a team of energetic coaches. They combine the art of your passion with the science of successful business practices. Their results speak for themselves.

You'll Earn


More revenue, profit, and personal enrichment from each workday


Extra enjoyment and fun from your role as retail leader


Business makes life better; it shouldn’t take it over


4 Minutes Could Change Everything

Just a few quick questions from this short quiz can start your journey toward bigger profits and better sleep.

Discover where you're on track

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How to get the freedom you want

Work With Us

Group Coaching

Join our tight-knit Profit ClubTM groups and learn to apply the proven principles of The Profit Breakthrough SystemTM with encouragement and shared learning of other independent retailers.

One-On-One Consulting

For closer, deeper counsel, get regular and direct access to one of our expert guides. Together, we’ll review your business and find ways to build a thriving enterprise.

Retail Courses

Learn key lessons on your own schedule. Topics include: killer clearance sales, winning holiday strategies, unlocking retail success secrets, and more.

Store Openings & Closings

Take advantage of the playbook we’ve developed after opening and closing more than ## retail locations.


You'll Learn

Discover where you're on track

Discover where you're on track

Discover where you're on track

How to Become a Richer Retailer

The 5 Lies Holding You Back

Underwhelming revenues?
Unsold, overstocked inventory?
Uninspiring growth?

You may have bought into five widespread myths that can keep your business from reaching its potential. In this free, live training, Cathy Donovan Wagner breaks down these lies and empowers you with a hopeful mindset and collection of skills to push you forward.

Space is limited and fills quickly, so claim your spot today.

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