Turn Excess Product into Profit


The RIGHT Way To Run a Clearance Sale

Move More Inventory - Keep More Profit

Imagine this...

You finally have a better, smarter and more successful way to run your clearance sale. 
You are feeling peaceful, relaxed, in control and lately, you are sleeping so much better, because...

You have a plan, a road map and the perfect vehicle to get to your destination: 

  • A store with the right kind of fresh inventory, at the right time
  • The freedom of paying yourself a CEO worthy salary and to buy the kind of inventory your customers are hungry for
  • A team that works together towards a common goal

You have a Passion and it is not your fault the results are missing

You became a store owner because you have a passion, and you have a desire to share that passion with others.

You feel like you are working so hard - and you are - and yet you are not seeing the results you keep hoping for.

Your store (and backroom) is full of inventory, and your bank account is running on empty.

But hear this: It is not your fault.

Because while you were learning about running a retail store, no one told you that there is a science to moving your inventory out strategically and profitably.

Listen, you wouldn't have made it this far if you didn't have some serious grit and determination.

What you didn't know (until now) is that you are making some very common mistakes, which are keeping you stuck with way too much inventory, a near empty bank account and vendors calling for payment...

As hard as you try, every season the hole gets a little deeper, and a little harder to climb out of.

But it doesn't have to continue this way.

The time to make a change is now.

There is another way.

One that is tried and tested and has been proven to work with hundreds of my private clients.

They are retailers who just like you, struggled trying to move old inventory and pay their bills. Making many of the same mistakes, which hurt them and their profit margins.

Until they made a change. By following the RETAILMavens Clearance Sale formula, they now have the tools and the road map to breeze through each clearance season, making more profit and moving more products.

And you can too.

This is my goal for you.

What would it be like...

... to go into your store, the first day of your clearance sale, feeling confident and in control?

Your merchandise has been rearranged to entice the best sale shoppers, and the right markdowns have been taken on the right products, ensuring that your profit margins are protected. 

Your staff is prepped, motivated and ready to reach your sales goal (oh and that’s an exciting sales goal) - together as a team.

Your online store is set up to take full advantage of shoppers browsing online sales.

Your marketing has been purposefully planned and executed to reach more people and build genuine excitement around this sale.

And your customers are lined up, ready to clear out your inventory...

Hey there!

I'm Cathy, founder of RETAILMavens. I have been exactly where you are now. I found myself with a store (and then two, and then THREE) full of inventory and the end of the season looming.

My account was drained and vendors were calling me for payments I didn't have. There were days I just felt like crying. I kept working harder, but my situation just didn't get any better.

Until I realized the mistakes I was making. Mistakes that were robbing me of the profit I was striving for.

I started studying consumer psychology. I tested, then analyzed, then tweaked the results until I finally had the exact steps to run a consistently successful clearance sale. Season after season.

And the relief I felt was immense.

When I finally sold my three stores (so that I could focus full time on my true passion - Helping indie retail owners make more profit and get better sleep), I started implementing these secrets with every client I worked with.

And they have all seen the same success I enjoyed for so many years.

But I realized that helping my private clients just wasn't enough. It is such a challenging time to be a small, independent retailer right now.

Yet it is also a time ripe with incredible potential, if you know how to navigate it correctly.

It is more important than ever to fine tune your clearance sale and to not carry the heavy burden of excess inventory.

That's why I have made my Clearance Sale Secrets available to everyone.

Meet Your Road Map

Digital Program

The RETAILMavens Clearance Sale Secrets is a self study digital program featuring eight modules, each designed to maximize your profits during your sale


And because I don't want anything to stop you from taking action on what you'll learn, I have also included my RETAILMavens Clearance Sale Secrets Worksheets. 
The Worksheets save you time because you're planning while you are learning. Using them guarantees that the change you need actually happens

Start Immediately

When you buy the RETAILMavens Clearance Sale Secrets you get instant access to the Digital Program and the Worksheets so you can start preparing for your most successful clearance sale ever, right away

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This Program Is For You If...

  • You have too much inventory and your cashflow is suffering
  • You are ready to take back control of your store, your inventory and your cashflow
  • The freedom of more profit will bring you relief, peace and better sleep

You Are Not Ready Yet If...

  • You are not willing to stop doing what isn't working and try something new
  • You are not prepared to commit to permanently marking down inventory that isn't selling (there is a science to this)
  • You are afraid to take markdowns below 50% off (I promise to explain why this is a crucial mistake!)

Inside The Program

Each Module in this program features an exact strategy, giving you everything you need to free up cash tied up in old and/or excess inventory. They're designed to be short but powerful. Take a peek inside:

The 4 Secrets To Running A Successful Clearance Sale

We start the journey with the basic foundations of a successful clearance sale. I'll share:

  • The flawed strategy of waiting for the right customer, and how this one change in perspective can result in thousands of dollars in additional profit
  • The importance of timing and how this really affects the success of your sale
  • That deciding what to include in your sale has a huge impact on your profit margins. There is a right way to do it, and I will show you what it is

Module 1
Pinkies And Thumbs

Ready to start the journey to less stress and better sleep? This module clarifies who we are running this sale for and why it's important to target the right group of customers. I'll share:

  • The specific customer group your clearance is for. I'll tell you who they are and why they are essential to your success
  • How to structure your clearance sale to maximize success AND sales with this group of customers, based on their shopping habits
  • How you should engage and connect with this group of customers all year long so that you always have a customer base waiting, ready and eager to shop when your next sale starts

Module 2
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Next, we evaluate your inventory to find the right items to move out, and the markdowns that will get the job done. I'll share:

  • The single biggest mistake retailers make when running a clearance sale and how you can avoid it
  • An exact method to decide which merchandise to include in your sale and the exact percentage to mark that merchandise down
  • How long you should run your clearance sale in order to get the most profit and move the most amount of product

Module 3
Merchandising Your Store For Success

Want to maximize your sales? There is a RIGHT way to merchandise your store and it is NOT what you think! I'll share:

  • How the shopping behaviors of your target customers determine where and how to arrange your sale merchandise to move more of it out while making the most money
  • The importance of correct signage to convert the most sales
  • Tips on how to dress your windows during your sale to increase traffic and bring more shoppers in to your store

Module 4

Maximizing The Transactions At The Counter

The purchase isn’t complete just because your customer is checking out. In this module I'll share:

  • A tip that will move even the ugliest item out of your store
  • The best way to move small sale items and accessories, often overlooked by customers during sales
  • Want the sale AFTER this one to break records too? Implement this ONE small tool during checkout

Module 5

Driving More Customers To Your Sale

It's a traffic jam - but during your sale that's a good thing! In this module we'll cover the specific marketing steps to drive more traffic from beginning to end. I'll share:

  • How to make sure your emails get opened and your signs get read by using these exact words
  • The formula for setting an accurate and reachable sales goal and advertising budget
  • How to create a marketing plan specifically tailored for your clearance sale and the best use of emails, social media, newspaper ads, bag stuffers and direct mail postcards and which of these are best for promoting your sale

Module 6

Schedule Your Team

Your team can make this journey a smoother one, if you know how to get everyone working towards the same goal. I'll share:

  • The 4 roles to assign to your team (you included) to make sure you are not losing any money
  • My bonus formula which will incentivize your team to perform at their best
  • A guide to holding the best team meeting ever, including a complete agenda that will prepare and motivate your team so that you are all moving in the same direction

Module 7

Throwing The Best Party

It's time to review the shortcuts that will make this party the most fun! I'll share:

  • Your most important job during the sale
  • 4 tips to maximize every opportunity during your clearance sale
  • A checklist to make sure you've got all the important things covered

Module 8
What To Do With The Leftovers

We have arrived at your destination! In this last module we look back on our journey, and tie up any loose ends, setting ourselves up for success for the next sale. I'll share:

  • How to leverage the last day of your sale to move the most amount of inventory
  • What to do with the last few clearance items left. Oh yes, we have a plan for those too (and there won't be many!)
  • How to strategically use what you learned to continue to improve and grow 

Get-It-Done Action Steps

I know that you are busy, so I have added simple and specific Actions Steps in every module.

Each module gives you the information you need to finally take control of your store, your inventory and your profit, and the Action Steps allow you to get straight to work!

Let's get it done!

Make The Decision To Make A Change

Remember that vision of you, in control, reaping the rewards of less inventory and the freedom of more profit?

I know that it will come true for you, as it has for thousands of other retailers.

But you need to take that first step towards the change you need and want.

That's why when you buy the RETAILMavens Clearance Sale Secrets program today, I will include these time-saving bonuses:

Time-Saving Bonuses

Markdowns Made Easy Printout

(Value: $97)
You are going to love this printout when it's time to mark down your inventory - it will save you so much time!

Sale Sign Templates

(Value: $97)
I've created the signs so you don't have to! Just print these ready-made sale signs and add them to your clearance racks, tables and windows

Team Bonus Worksheet

(Value: $97)
Use this worksheet to guide you through the correct way to incentivize your team to work together as a team

Happy Team Break Worksheet

(Value: $97)
Make sure everyone is rested, happy and focused on selling during the busiest part of your sale

Team Meeting Agenda

(Value: $97)
Ever wanted to lead inspiring and productive team meetings? This agenda covers all the important topics to get your team ready for the big sale

"Don't forget a thing so you can completely focus on sales"
Supplies Checklist

(Value: $97)
It is the details that makes this program so successful! Like being prepared with any and all supplies you'll need during your sale, so that you and your team can be completely focused on your sales. This checklist will make sure you don't forget a thing!

Reality Recap

(Value: $97)
What separates the successful retailer from the stuck retailer?
Learning from your mistakes. The Reality Recap will guide you through getting feedback and ideas from your team and you, to make sure the next sale is even better than the first!

1-on-1 Retail Expert Call

($1,997 Value)

As an extra special Bonus I am including a FREE 30 minute call with one of our Retail Experts! We'll answer any and all of your questions about your sale, and help you overcome any roadblocks you'll stumble on. I am 100% committed to supporting you!

How to Have a Clearance Sale During COVlD Masterclass

($197 Value)

In this powerful masterclass you'll get tips and strategies on adapting your clearance sale to the restrictions of a pandemic!

Ready To Move Your Inventory & Put Cash In Your Pocket? Start Planning Your Sale Today

I made sure this program is affordable, so that it can help as many retailers as possible.

And I included tips and tools that will pay for this program many times over, the first time you put them to use.

I know it's scary to spend money when you are already struggling. To take the leap and trust that a program like this will make a difference.

But the thing is, you can't stay where you are now. It is not sustainable. You wouldn't be here if you didn't know that too. And not only is it not sustainable, but it's getting a little worse, every season.

It's time to make a change.

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I've Got Your Back

I am so sure that if you implement the steps I outline in the RETAILMavens Clearance Sale Secrets, you will run the best sale you have ever had. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, give me a call! I will refund your purchase within the first 30 days.

Be the FIRST to know when the program is available!

You Have Questions - I Have Answers

Is RETAILMavens Clearance Sale Secrets geared towards online stores as well as brick and mortar stores?

  • Yes, the scientific inventory strategies we teach apply to both online and brick and mortar stores. E-commerce stores have to keep their inventory fresh and clear out old stuff too, right
  • Online stores follow the same process for best success, the implementation is just a bit different. The worksheets are more geared for brick and mortar because of what's involved in running that type of business. 
  • But ALL retail needs to follow the scientific inventory strategies we teach in order to make the most sales and profit from your inventory purchases

Cash is tight, I'm worried about spending more right now

  • I understand, I was there too. But what you are doing right now isn't working, you wouldn't be here if it was. And continuing on this path will only make things worse.
  • This program was designed to bring you the cash you need. But in a strategic way so you don't erode your profit margins and deplete your best sellers.
  • That means you will keep more of the money you earn and move out the stale inventory that is tying up your cash. 
  • The secrets you will learn will pay for this program many times over, starting with the very first time you run your clearance sale.
  • And once you buy it, it's yours to use over, and over again. Rinse and repeat. Every season. This is one investment that will keep bringing you returns every time you use it.

What if it doesn't work for me?

  • The stakes are high, I know. You stand to lose a lot if you can't turn things around. That's why I tested this program with hundreds of retail owners like you (including myself), with every type of store (maker stores, gift stores, clothing stores, toy stores, shoe stores and many more). And it's because they have all seen such success that I am now offering it to non-clients.
  • If you follow my steps. It will work.
  • In fact, I am so confident it will work for you, that I'm willing to guarantee it with my 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

I'm already juggling so many things, I don't have time to learn a whole new process

  • I get it. Store owners are the hardest working people I know! I was one too, and I now have the honor of working with them every day.
  • That's why I designed this program to be easy to digest and quick to implement.
  • Each module is short and to the point. Leaving you lots of time to take action.
  • The Action Steps in each module will keep you focused on the most important things you should do next.
  • And once you have run your first clearance sale using my RETAILMavens Clearance Sale strategy, you will know exactly what to do next time! Saving you even more time.

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Here Is How This Program
Helped These Retailers

If Not Now, When?

There has never been a better time than now to take control of your inventory and your cash flow. 

To become a confident retailer, focused on executing a plan to ensure you are moving into the next season in the best cash position possible.

RETAILMavens Clearance Sale Secrets is your plan, your road map and your vehicle to make sure you reach that destination.

Be the FIRST to know when the program is available!

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