Officer Joe tells us What every Shoplifter does NOT want us to know.

What every Shoplifter DOES NOT want you to know!

Great call with Officer Joe –lots of “ you should always” and “you should never”s and how to stay safe!

  1. Thieves don’t want to be recognized. Officer Joe suggests:
    -Say hello to everyone who comes in the shop.
  2. How to discourage shoplifters? Use signage on your front door and around the store. You can use “Smile you are on camera” signs, even if you don’t have any cameras.
    -Have signs outside your shop about your security systems if you use them. The ADT signs outside houses really do deter thieves.
    -Additionally, you can have a sign on your door reminding customers to make sure their cars are locked.
  3. What if you have a shoplifter in your shop?
    a. Do not confront them.
    b. Notice what they are wearing, anything that could ID the person. Get a license plate if possible.
    c. Contact 911. Don’t be afraid to contact the police. Officer Joe said that the police know that you aren’t going to call them unless something isn’t right.
    d. If you notice your shop has been broken into DO NOT ENTER. Call 911 and stay in your car away from your shop.
  4. What does a shoplifter most often want? Remember that the person who is committing the crime is very likely trying to get money to buy drugs. They may not be in their right mind. It is the drug that is control of them. Do not confront them at any time.
  5. How to tip off your team to a suspicious situation? Stephanie Heins from Uncommon Threads also added that you and your staff should have a code phrase, alerting the staff if there may be something happening in your shop. Her shop decided to say something about YELLOW YARN because not many people like yellow yarn!
  6. Does someone have a very large tote bag? Stephanie also suggested that if you suspect someone is loading their personal bag with items with the intent to steal them, ask if you can hold their bag at the counter for them. Ask customers if they would be willing to set their bags down at a central location i.e. knitting table, while they shop.
  7. Experiencing a rash of sticky fingers? Have a sign at the front door alerting customers that there is an increase in shoplifting in the area. This will help when you ask your customers to leave bags at the front counter. The sign helps get customers on board to help you out.
  8. What’s the “right” amount of theft or shortage? It should be no more than about 2% of sales. Most theft is committed by internal staff rather than external individuals.

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