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As an independent retailer, you can survive through hard work and diligence. To thrive, you must focus on how to grow into a more effective leader, building better work systems, and becoming as profitable as possible.

The first step is understanding what you have to offer. Independent retailers can offer a fresh choice for customers, amidst the sea of carbon copy chain stores. You can’t mass-produce taste, personality, and exceptional experiences. Second, you must follow proven processes, systems, and tools to measure and track success.

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Over the last decade, our clients have all seen more profits with each successive year. They’ve learned how to combine the art of their passion with the science of managing a flourishing independent retail store.

RETAILMavens Coaching

Become a Retail Maven with dynamic group coaching from our experienced team and other passionate retailers.

This limited-capacity program is offered only twice per year and includes both cohort learning sessions and one-on-one, customized coaching.

6-Figure Holiday Blueprint

Killer Clearance Sale Secrets

Your Best Year

12 weeks of intensives

Monthly group consulting calls

In-depth financial analysis

2-3 hotline calls

Regular Mavens "Hot Seat" Q&As

Next registration opens on Nov. 1, 2020


Profit Club Retail Coaching

When people learn together — sharing experiences, exploring ideas — the collective mind power stretches beyond each individual. These year-long cohorts of ## like-minded retailers mix private coaching with ongoing peer support.

In this cost-effective program, we’ll look at the current state of your store, and customize a plan to improve profits. Retailers will also receive personal training tailored to their store, plus access to The Profit Breakthrough SystemTM — tools to help you thrive now and in the future.

Monthly 45-min one-on-one call with a Maven Coach

2-day live event (when available)

Monthly personalized Cash Flow Review

Monthly teaching + Q&A call

Sales training for your staff

Private discussion forum

Templates to standardize your important systems

Sales performance tracking

Unlimited email access to our Maven Team

Copy of “On Sale: How Retailers Ingore Their Numbers & Give Their Store Away” book, by Cathy Donovan Wagner


Grow Your Business Through Proven Retail Science

Regardless of the economy or your current financial state, it’s possible to drastically improve your profit margins in just 90 days. Retail expert Cathy Donovan Wagner walks you through easy-to-use methods that will allow you to feel like the master of your store and finances (and unlocking the freedom to get more enjoyment from life).

Not only will you get these tested tools, Cathy gives you the exact steps to implement them in sequence.

RetailMAVENS Mastermind

Get equipped with skills and processes to command your company and lifestyle with ongoing, personalized, comprehensive consulting on how to become CEO of a thriving retail business. Learn the playbook for continued success, building a winning team, and enjoying life outside of work.

Each month, you’ll get a 45-minute call with our RETAILMavens coach. Together, we’ll review your Key Performance Indicators and make actionable plans to improve performance. Plus, you’ll get hands-on tutorials through The Profit Breakthrough System — our proprietary revenue growth program.

Our Mastermind group is designed for experienced retailers in need of advanced coaching. Access is opened by application only.

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