Are You Committed?

“If you are simply interested in something, you do what is convenient. If you are committed, you do whatever it takes.” – John Assaraf Let those words really sink in. This is about responsibility. The fact is that winners take responsibility which leads to success and more motivation and more happiness. It is all so easy to say, isn’t it? … Read More

DO NOT Make Any New Year’s Resolutions Yet. It Would Be A Big Mistake.

There are so many posts about resolutions for the New Year. And you all know that I believe in goals…and in writing them down. That is surely a step that increases success. But DON’T make any New Year’s Resolutions. Not yet. It would be a mistake to jump forward like that. There is something else you must do first! We … Read More

Facebook Is Lying To You.

I help facilitate a Facebook page for a group of entrepreneurs. The page is for day-to-day support. Everyone is encouraged to use the page as a place to ask questions, share celebrations and challenges. I was monitoring the page one day and I saw a post by someone who “admitted” she had been hiding. She shared that things had been … Read More

It’s Time To Be Honest

I strive to be authentic and transparent with you all the time.  Sometimes, I get discouraged.  I know that is a shock.  It never happens to you, right?!   I usually am cheery and chipper – your cheerleader encouraging you to be the best version of yourself you can be.  I can always see the silver lining in a dark cloud.   … Read More

Caps for Sale. How Many Do You Wear?

Do you remember the kid’s book “Caps For Sale”?  It is about the peddler who wears all these hats and sells them.  It is what I think about when I give a speech. Every time I am giving a speech to retailers, I mention about how we retailers wear so many hats. We are chief salespeople, head buyers, advertising and … Read More

7 WriterDowners From the Indie Retailers Conference

The Independent Retailers Conference was an event full of great resources and fantastic education. So much so that I decided to share some key insights…or “writerdowners” as I like to call them! That means that they are so good that they must be written down so as not to be forgotten! 1. From Ron Cates of Constant Contact: Use Arial … Read More