Turtle or Rabbit?

Hire like a turtle. Fire like a rabbit.

Hire slow. Fire fast.

Turtles are slow. They take their time.

When you are hiring, be sure to know what you want.

Use a system.


(I have to tell you that there is a great one in the RetailMavens Academy – laid out precisely for you. It is easy to use to finally hire good people. I’m just sayin’!) Ask questions that will reveal if this potential new hire is what you want. Check references thoroughly.

Rabbits are fast. They hop using their strong back legs.

You must act in exactly the same way.

Be honest with yourself. You know a new hire isn’t going to work out within 30 days – usually sooner, right?

Hop out of the bad situation fast. It won’t get any better.

Use your strong back legs to kick them out the door.

Politely and respectfully, for sure. Everyone will be better off and happier. That was ALWAYS true in my stores. That new hire knows that things aren’t going well and deserves to get on with their life right away. You deserve to find someone who will do a better job for you.

Now go do what you know you need to do. 🙂 I want the best for you and for your store.

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