Become a Richer Retailer

Retail coaching & consulting that empowers independent retailers to have more freedom, increased profits and better sleep

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Become a Richer Retailer

Retail coaching & consulting that empowers independent retailers to have more freedom, increased profits and better sleep

Grow Your Retail Business, Enrich Your Life

You started your independent retail store because working with your passion is a dream come true. But there is also a science to retail, and not knowing it will keep you up at night with stress. Understanding the science is key to having a successful business that fuels your life and grows your profit, which means better sleep. At RETAILMavens we apply the principles of our Profit Breakthrough SystemTM to help you become a richer retailer in all aspects of your life.

Results from our proven Profit Breakthrough SystemTM


Of new businesses have positive cash flow in year one


All it takes for most retailers to see major breakthroughs


Average sales increase, while decreasing inventory 19%


Average time for the RETAILMavens Coaching Program to pay for itself

As a Retail Maven You'll Experience ...


More revenue, profit, and personal enrichment from each workday


Extra enjoyment and fun from your role as retail leader


Business makes life better; it shouldn’t take it over

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Cathy Donovan Wagner

Meet Our RETAILMavens Team

Improve your cash flow and master your inventory with the RETAILMavens team of experienced coaches, led by industry thought leader and former retailer Cathy Donovan Wagner. They combine the art of your passion with the science of successful business practices, to equip you with the skills you need to grow your business and enrich your life.

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Results Driven Retail Business Consulting & Coaching

A year from now, will you be thriving? Stronger than ever because you linked arms with a powerful community of retailers who lifted you up when you needed it? Because you asked yourself how you could learn and grow? Because you decided to find the opportunities instead of the obstacles? Using the proven principles of our Profit Breakthrough SystemTM that’s what our group coaching and 1-on-1 consulting services are designed to help you achieve.

On Demand Retail Business Courses

Build essential retail skills on your own schedule with our on-demand self-study courses.

Retail Store Openings & Closings

Whether you are just starting your dream as an independent retailer, or you are closing that chapter, you shouldn’t do it alone. Having a guide who knows the terrain well, and has a roadmap for you to follow, makes your journey easier. Our expertise and experience in opening, closing and selling retail stores will provide a smooth and profitable experience for you.


4 Minutes Could Change Everything - For You and Your Retail Business

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