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RETAILMavens, led by Cathy Donovan-Wagner, she and her team helps retailers continuously see more profit and create more cash flow than they have in previous years.  They also share the art and science of retail so store owners can achieve more profits, better results, better sleep and more fun! 

In other words, RETAILMavens is all about creating Richer Retailers.  

Independent retailers are the backbone of America's economy!

We teach you the science behind building a successful and profitable store. We teach you how to manage your cash flow, plan your inventory and implement multiple systems and processes to help you thrive, so you can focus on making more money and concentrate your energy on why you started your business in the first place.

In the end, we help you to create more profit and get better sleep.

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The business book for retailers... 

Want to know once and for all which numbers to look at, which benchmarks to use when judging your success and how to maximize your store's profit?

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The RETAILMavens Profit Breakthrough System 

is designed from the ground up, bringing you my most powerful tools to get you more profits, better results, and have more fun in your business.

You will have all the tools necessary to make more money year-round. But here’s the key: not only will you have the tools, I will give you the exact steps on implementing each of them in sequence.

You’ll truly use your new retail knowledge to have a breakthrough in your store – and you’ll notice a difference within the first 90 days. Really. 


The Profit Club is an all-new yearlong program for independent retailers like you who want to:
  • Get better control over their finances
  • Resolve cash flow
  • Take the worry out of their business
  • Make more money, (A LOT more money)
  • Having less stress and more free time
  • Learn how to deal with problem employees
  • Understanding the science of retail.

Profit Stories

Cadence Kidwell ~ Fuzzy Goat

Amy Trimble ~ Watermark Corners

Gail Sundberg-Douse & Jane Anderson ~ Longmont Yarn Shoppe