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Cathy Donovan Wagner


As a former retail store owner, RETAILMavens founder Cathy Donovan Wagner learned how to master numbers to go from near bankrupt, to owning three successful multi-million dollar stores.

“With four kids and three stores, I had to have some incredible systems in place so that I could manage it all and enjoy family time,” says Cathy. “The art of retail is in the passion of each store owner and team, the science remains the same in all stores regardless of what is being sold.”

Cathy now uses her cutting edge expertise in retail and consumer behavior to help thousands of independent retailers increase sales and improve cash flow, using her proven Profit Breakthrough SystemTM. Together with the RETAILMavens team she guides retailers to more profit, better sleep and living a life they love, through powerful group and private coaching programs, industry speaking events and a thriving online community.

Paul Wagner


After a long career in customer service and retail where his time-management skills helped a 7-figure retail business grow from two to ten retail stores, Paul now brings his shopper-first mentality to RETAILMavens clients.

“No job demand compares to the time management skills required to keep a family running, happy, and healthy. That’s why we emphasize ways to give our retailers time for family and life balance” says Paul. “Nothing inspires me more than seeing people who have a vision for success, and then helping them to bring that vision to life so they can earn more money and get better sleep,”

Paul is an integral part of keeping RETAILMavens growing behind the scenes, and will also offer insights, support and levity to clients, while also proudly owning the title of “Father of America’s Most Fun Family”.

Cecilia Kautzman


With her experience both as a retail store owner and copywriter, Cecilia helps facilitate growth for both the RETAILMavens team and our clients! She is passionate about sharing her love of planning, organizing and marketing with the RETAILMavens team as well as clients in RETAILMavens programs.

"As a former RETAILMavens client, I have been where our clients are now and I’m thrilled to be a part of the process that will help them improve their profit and sleep better!" says Cecilia.

Cecilia grew up in Sweden but now joins the RETAILMavens team from Regina, Canada where she enjoys the beauty of the prairies with her husband and son.

Juanita Margetts

Maven Coach

With over 30 years of successful sales and management experience Juanita understands the unique dynamics of retail well, and brings this knowledge to clients of RETAILMavens programs.

“Our programs and services have a proven track record,” says Juanita. “They take out the guesswork and put a plan in its place: More Profit + More Sleep = Sweet Dreams!”

When not sharing the latest retail trends and customer behaviors with RETAILMavens clients, Juanita enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter and dog Kipper in the western Chicago suburbs where she lives.

Clare Wagner


As the Client Happiness Maven, Clare uses her communication and organizational skills to join the family business in a variety of supportive roles, including making clients feel extra welcome and cared for during virtual and in-person events, keeping systems running smoothly and offering invaluable support to clients and the RETAILMavens team.

"Retailers pour their hearts and souls into serving their customers. I love that we give them tools and strategies to do that better than they ever have before. And we can make them feel supported and cared for in this community", says Clare.

Thanks to growing up in independent retail she has the same passion to help people succeed as her parents and loves the rewarding experience of watching clients reach their dreams.

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