Our Team


From left to right: Michael Lofthus, Katie Kohlman, Juanita Margetts, Cathy Donovan-Wagner, Paul Wagner (missing: Clare Wagner, Ann Pope, Kirsten Skoglund)

Cathy Donovan-Wagner

Founder and President, RETAILMavens



With over 30 years of experience in retail as both an owner and a consultant, Cathy has the unique position of having worked on both sides of the counter. There is an art and a science to retail – and she has the science nailed. She also has seen firsthand the tremendous benefits that the paying attention to your numbers makes. This combination of knowledge is what helped her to grow to 3 stores grossing in excess of 2.5 million dollars. She sold her stores to be able to help other retailers achieve the same success.

Cathy stays on the cutting edge of retail and consumer behavior. Through her speeches, online retail academy, information products and group coaching programs, she has helped thousands of retailers succeed. RETAILMavens’ private clients continuously see more profit and create more cash flow than the previous year. Last year, clients saw sales increase an average of 22% (over same store last year sales) with16% less inventory. She continues to find and develop creative and additional income streams for retailers. Cathy leads her growing team to share the science and numbers with independent retailers around the world. Together, they help retailers develop action plans that increase sales, improve cash flow and create success…and love their life!

Paul Wagner

CEO, “Father of America’s Most Fun Family”


I joined RETAILMavens after a long career in customer service and retail. You could say customer service is in my blood, beginning all the way back in childhood as a paperboy, then working in grocery stores, and even becoming a butcher for a few years.

I spent 20 years in the office furniture business helping a company grow from 2 to 10 retail stores. I handled hiring and firing, sales training and oversaw the day-to-day operations to help keep the company profitable.

And while some of those jobs were hard, none compared to the challenge of being a stay-at-home dad to my 4 kids. Sure, running a 7-figure business has its moments, but nothing compares to the time management skills required to keep a family running, happy and healthy.

Once the kids got older, I decided to go back to work part-time before making the leap to join Cathy in the business. Most of the time I’m behind the scenes, although I do pop up to provide help with sales training and to offer insights, support, and levity.

I love working with Cathy and the RETAILMavens team because I truly believe in the work we are doing. By joining the team, I was able to take on many of the administrative and managerial tasks, allowing Cathy to use her expertise to truly grow the business. Nothing inspires me more than seeing people who have a vision for success, and then helping them to bring that vision to life so they can experience more money, and well…better sleep.

When I’m not helping to grow RETAILMavens, you can find me working hard to defend my title as “Father of America’s Most Fun Family.”

Michael Lofthus

Maven Coach


Michael is RETAILMavens’ resident “nice Italian boy.” He hails from the mountains of Mammoth Lakes, California, and lives there with his wife and his dogs Chauncy and Oliver. With over thirty-five years of experience in wholesale, retail, sales, and management, he brings unrivaled experience to the table at RETAILMavens. Through working with an analyst from Management One with the Open to Buy system, as the owner of his own successful travel store in LA, he discovered a passion for the science – the details – that make or break a store. When asked the most gratifying part of his job, he replies, “It really changes peoples’ lives. If they start really doing the things we’re advising them to do, their business turns around dramatically, and they start making money. Many of them haven’t experienced it since opening their stores.” Having been on both sides of the fence, himself, he is uniquely qualified to take RETAILMavens clients into their own success.

“I met Cathy at Management One meetings, and I was impressed with her enthusiasm – it’s infectious how positive she is. She doesn’t get rattled by things.”

Juanita Margetts

Maven Coach


Juanita joins the RETAILMavens team with over 30 years of successful customer sales and sales management experience in the securities and fiber/crafting industry. Two very different fields with much in common – people, numbers and dreams! Having worked closely with shop owners, vendors and customers, she understands the dynamics. An information gatherer at heart, she loves a good TED talk and a good read. Juanita loves to help people make and save money! RETAILMavens programs and services have a proven track record. They take the guesswork out and put a plan in place! More Profit + More Sleep = Sweet Dreams! She lives in a western suburb of Chicago with her practically perfect husband (alas a Sox Fan!), her amazing daughter who makes her proud every single day, and her 12lb. dog, Kipper who was a German Shepherd in another life!

“Cathy values and understands her clients. She knows the impact her programs can have on a business! I’m so excited to be working with her!”

Katie Kohlman

Maven Coach


Katie joins the RETAILMavens team with over 30 years of experience in a variety of diverse industries and roles as a former CPA, corporate attorney, and consultant. She left a successful corporate career to be able to directly impact the lives of others. As a result of Katie’s passion for creating art, she developed a passion for coaching independent retailers for success in those fields. It was her growing passion for all independent retailers to achieve “more profit and better sleep” that ultimately led her to RETAILMavens. Katie is excited to couple her creative spirit with her business, analytical and strategic planning skills for your benefit. She loves to learn, help others, and create art. Katie resides in the beautiful City of Lakes – Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“Cathy and her programs are the gold standard – she is authentic, passionate about her clients, and her programs are driven by the proven science of retail.”

Clare Wagner

Behind-the-Scenes Maven


Clare is the Behind-The-Scenes Maven. She is a senior at the University of Illinois. She is also the daughter of Paul and Cathy. Growing up in the RETAILMavens family, she quickly took to helping her parents with the family business. She has a passion for help people succeed and loves helping them reach their dreams. When she isn’t working for her parents, she loves work with animals and has a passion for dogs!

Ann Pope

Client Success Maven


Ann joins the team from Horseshoe Bend, ID and has been there since 2015. Originally from Utah she found her small slice of paradise on 10 acres in the small farming community just NE of Boise where she lives with her husband, 3 dogs, 2 cats and bird (green cheek conure)! She has two amazing grown children and can’t wait to be a grandma someday 🙂

She has been assisting entrepreneurs with all their back-end technology and online marketing needs for 10 years now and prior to that she worked in the corporate arena as an Executive Assistant to CEOs/VPs. She loves supporting businesses and helping them grow through online systems and client support. She is a master at details and keeping everything and everyone organized.

“RETAILMavens is wonderful to work with and I am so excited to be a part of the team!”