It’s all about our commitment to helping you achieve the true potential of your business.

Our commitment to helping retailers achieve their true potential begins by asking two simple questions:

  • Where are you?
  • Where do you want to be?

Then we create a plan to bring it all to life.

We are proud to announce that for the last 5 years, our private clients have all seen MORE profits with each successive year. 

RETAILMavens is proud to share that since 2012, our private clients have all seen MORE profits with each successive year.

Check out the categories below to see how we can help you!

Coaching & Consulting

The Profit Club

Consistent Profit.  Group Support.

Our RETAILMavens Profit Club is our year-long group program that mixes private coaching with in-person retreats and ongoing support.

This special club is for independent retailers who want support growing their store while benefiting from the ongoing support of like-minded owners. This cost-effective program will help you look at the current state of your store, and customize a plan to improve profits. Retailers will also receive unique training specific to their store that includes cutting-edge tools to help give their store the advantages they need to thrive right now and in the future. 

Membership includes:

    • One 45-min monthly call with an associate Maven Coach
    • One 2-day live event
    • Monthly personalized Cash Flow Review
    • Monthly Teaching with Q&A call
    • Sales training for your staff
    • Private Forum
    • Templates to standardize your important systems
    • Sales Performance Tracking
    • Unlimited email access to our Maven Team
    • 3 Virtual Tune Ups
    • The Profit Breakthrough System (click for more info)
    • Open to Buy 

If you’re serious about growing your store and making progress fast - plus want to enjoy the support of like-minded retailers, then the RETAILMavens Profit Club is for you.

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Products & Services


Profit Breakthrough System

We want you to have everything you need to help make your independent retail store a success. That’s why we’ve created special products and programs designed specifically with your business in mind.

It’s time to stop stressing about your bottom line and learn the secret to putting more profit in your pockets.

But before I can show you how, I’d like you to answer these questions:

  • Does it feel as though all you do is put out fires instead of getting ahead in your business?
  • Do you look at your bank statements at the end of the month and wonder where all the money went?
  • Want to know how you can use the science of retail to maximize your revenue?
  • Have you convinced yourself that retail is “too hard”?

If you said yes, to any (or all) of these questions, I’m here to tell you that regardless of the economy, regardless of your current financial state, it is possible to DRASTICALLY improve your profit margins in just a few months.

Learn from Cathy, get your questions answered, and best of all, sleep better knowing you are on track for more profit, sales, fun, and peace of mind.  Register now  Join the RETAIL Profit Breakthrough System

6-Figure Holiday Blueprint


6-Figure Holiday BluePrint is designed to teach you all the necessary strategies to have a massively profitable holiday season. You will be able to cash in on the holidays with easy to implement strategies and expert advice.

You will:

  • Make more money than you ever this holiday season.
  • Learn the tips, tricks, and strategies to have a VERY profitable holiday season.
  • Understand how to adjust what you sell and offer to your customers based on the specific time frame in the holiday season to maximize sales and profits.
  • Have more freedom and peace of mind knowing that your team is getting weekly sales training.

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Killer Clearance Sale Secrets


How to get rid of your extra inventory and make a killing in the process. If you’ve ever wondered how to rid your store of extra inventory (and make lots of extra money in the process), you’ll love this special program.

You’ll learn the science to creating a killer clearance sale, and discover our 12 killer clearance sale secrets that are GUARANTEED to help you find more money in your business while getting rid of your old inventory.

Discover how to:

  • Find the cash that is right under your nose
  • Drive more transactions to increase sales without driving yourself (and your employees) crazy in the process
  • Use the science of consumer behavior to reduce customer resistance and sell more.

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Eavesdropping with Experts


Eavesdropping with Experts
Practical advice from retail experts for more profit and better results.

Wouldn’t you love some excellent advice and motivation from retail owners and experts who have experienced extraordinary success?

Our Eavesdropping with Experts series features 10 professional retail experts and owners who make their living by helping store owners just like you break through to the next level of business. Each was handpicked by Cathy because of their specific retail genius and perspectives, and more importantly, because of their extraordinary financial success in the independent arena.

Over the course of 10 calls you’ll learn from our accomplished gurus in the following areas:

  • Inventory Planning
  • Merchandising
  • Cash Flow Management
  • POS Systems
  • Vendors and Manufacturers
  • Local Social Media
  • Staff Training
  • Marketing
  • Special Events

Get immediate access to all our calls in a powerful package of inspiration, ideas, and extraordinarily profitable insights that will show you how to take the steps towards living the life you dreamed of when you first opened your store.

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