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If you’re looking for a dynamic speaker who provides concrete value and substantial content, Cathy Wagner can deliver dynamic speeches and information that will benefit retailers at any level.

When I go to plan the sessions for my business conference, I plan them around Cathy
Wagner’s schedule. She is a vital resource for small business owners, and having her speak at my event is a privilege! Her concrete advice will be quoted for the rest of the event, and for months afterward as shop owners apply her wisdom. She’s hands-on, funny, approachable, and above all, an expert.
Erin Slonaker, Soho Publishing

Click below to listen to what Heidi said was the ONE thing Cathy taught her at last year’s Yarn Market News Conference that still impacts her today – a full year later.

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Cathy is available to speak on a number of topics including:

“Stop Giving Away Your Store: End the Cash Drain and Know Your Numbers for Ultimate Profit”

Want to increase your cash flow? This seminar will help you do just that! You’ll learn how to be more successful and profitable in your business – with the goal to increase cash flow and better sleep at night! You’ll learn simple, actionable, and thought provoking steps for immediate real-world application you can begin applying to your store right away! Finally… you’ll gain the secret to moving more inventory faster than ever!

“Why All Brick and Mortar Stores Should Love – not Fear – Amazon”

If you think Amazon is stealing your business, you’ve got lots of company.  They’re a behemoth that has completely changed how consumers think about shopping. But the truth is, if you’re losing business to them,  it is only because you are letting it happen.  Sure, Amazon is gaining market share at a ridiculous rate. BUT you CAN wrangle business back from them by taking a clear-eyed look at what they do… and don’t do. By doing so, you can grow your sales exponentially without using or even knowing algorithms. In fact, you owe it to yourself and your community.  Learn exactly how to fill the gaping void left by Amazon and increase your business and your profits right now.

“The Secret To Moving More Inventory Faster Than Ever”

There is one secret to moving out the most inventory ever AND putting the most cash in your pocket. You have never been taught this before, and you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to implement NOW.

“Your Bottom Line Is Only As Good As Your Front Line”

What 3 metrics must you use to turn your team into Retail Rockstars? Learn how to get everyone focused, excited, and reaching goals better than ever. If you want your business to make money and do so with a team that is motivated and excited to help you do it, this is a session you won’t want to miss!

“Retail Revenue Reboot”

Do you want to reboot your store? Find out new ways to increase your revenue and your cash flow? Learn easy changes that will impact your bottom line right away. You will walk away with simple, actionable, and thought provoking steps for immediate real-world application you can begin applying to your store right away! It is what I do that no one else does. I teach you the science of retail that makes all the difference in your results.

“The 3 Numbers To Change Your Cash Flow Forever”

What numbers do I have to pay attention to get more cash? How can I make it easier to make it better? Cash flow can choke a store. Once you know these 3 numbers, you will have the tools to create a big impact now. Insider tips from a 3 store multi-million dollar retailer that make it easy to manage and increase your cash flow.

“Double Your Brick & Mortar Foot Traffic”

Learn the exact steps to take to double your foot traffic – without putting anything on sale! This is about selling full price goods. Using the science of consumer psychology, you’ll learn the low cost and simple process to bring twice as many people through your door next Saturday than came through last Saturday.

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Fill out the form below or email clientcare@retailmavens.com to discuss your specific needs. All programs are customized for you and the needs of your group. Cathy will analyze your specific industry trends, interview important players and deliver a heartfelt, high-content message with specific calls to action that target key strategic issues.