How to Get Rid of Old Inventory

Get rid of old inventory for improved cash flow

How to get rid of old inventory? This was a question that came through in our retail community, and it is a great one that highlights a situation many store owners find themselves in: How do I get rid of old inventory with enough profit to purchase new inventory and keep my customers coming back for new, beautiful merchandise? SO … Read More

How to Keep Inventory Looking Fresh for More Sales

Keeping inventory looking fresh

Keeping inventory looking fresh is essential for attracting and retaining customers, as it creates a visually appealing and dynamic shopping experience. Here are my top 10 strategies to achieve this in your store: #1: Regular Merchandising Updates Rotate your inventory frequently to showcase new arrivals, seasonal items, or trending products. This keeps the displays visually interesting and encourages customers to … Read More

Manage Your Cash Flow: Vendor Terms on Advance Orders?

Are you getting payment terms on advance orders?

Something that many store owners struggle with is managing cash flow, especially at it relates to getting vendor terms on advance orders. A great question in our retail community came from a clothing and accessories store owner who said: “I have to place a lot of my buys 6-8 months in advance. This ties up so much money and often … Read More

Profiting in the Retail Off-Season

retail off-season

How can you make sure you’re profiting in the retail off-season? This was a great question I received in our retail community recently, and I know many of you can relate. First things first—profitability is the goal, no matter the season. However, in a retail off-season, cash flow can take a dip, even if your business is profitable. So, let’s … Read More

3 Steps to Budget for Retail Profits

I’m about to share 3 steps to budget for retail profits – a crucial topic inspired by a question from our retail community: How do I create a strategic budget to maximize profits in my retail business? As the CEO of your retail business – you HAVE to know your numbers. I’m going to say that again: You don’t have … Read More

Where Should the Money Go – Calm the Cash Flow Chaos

Where should the money go - Calm the cash flow chaos

Have you been feeling the cash flow chaos lately? In a recent Q&A session, a retail store owner in our retail community asked a great question: Where should the money go? Allocating your sales consistently across profit, inventory, payroll, and other crucial areas seems like an unattainable goal, leading to a frustrating cycle of financial inconsistency or put more simply: … Read More

How Do I Calculate Profit Margins to Succeed in Retail?

how do I calculate profit margins to succeed in retail

In the dynamic world of retail, understanding and optimizing profit margins is crucial for long-term success. Recently, Pamela asked: How do I calculate profit margins to succeed in retail? In this blog I’ll explain the concept of cash margin, exploring its calculation, distinguishing it from gross margin, and delving into its impact on cash flow. Whether you’re a seasoned retail … Read More

5 Steps to Negotiate with Your Landlord

5 steps to negotiate with your landlord

As a store owner, there will come a point when you have to negotiate with your landlord. Often it’s when it’s time to renew your lease, but sometimes circumstances calls for a different negotiation. Like when you just can’t make rent. Early on during the pandemic many store owners around the world faced having to shut down their business. It … Read More

The Best Content Ideas from Trade Shows

The best content ideas from trade shows

I know that going to retail trade shows is a whirlwind of activity and decisions. But don’t miss the pieces of content ideas hiding at your next trade show. It’s pure GOLD for your content marketing. You come back from trade shows with so much NEW… new lines, new items, new ideas and new enthusiasm. Right? Imagine today is your … Read More

The Magic Inventory Formula

the magic inventory formula

Are you looking for the magic inventory formula that will finally solve the challenge of having the right amount of inventory in your retail store? “What’s the magic formula for how much inventory to carry and order?” This was a recent question in our retail community. Don’t you wish there was a magic formula that everyone could use to have … Read More

How to Predict Inventory Needs

how to predict inventory needs

One of the best questions you can ask as a retail store owner is “how to predict inventory needs?”, because your inventory is your biggest expense – and so learning to control it results in a huge return on your investment. That’s why I get so excited when I get a question like Elizabeth’s: I’m just getting started, but I’m … Read More