I HATE FAILURE. I LOVE SUCCESS It is essential for every person who is serious about achieving significant personal and business growth to work with a coach. That is a fact. You can’t do it on your own. In a meeting in January, my coach and I developed an action plan that included the execution of this one particular activity. … Read More

Sharpen Now.

What?! It was the last weekend of summer?! I can’t believe it. In fact, I refuse to believe it. I am going to squeeze every single marvelous moment out of it! This is what I did just the other day. Sigh…My daughter and I floating in our neighbor’s spring fed pond…just chatting away…about stuff you don’t talk about when the … Read More

My staff is making me crazy…

A Q&A for Today! Dear Cathy, Do you allow other employees to do markdowns (or be in charge of them and make them)?  How do you handle delegating that job (one specific employee)? Also, is it okay (wise, smart…..not sure of the right word to use here) to make a rule that NO MARKDOWNS are to be taken without my … Read More

Batman and Robin Will Double Your Sales!

I saw this image on the front of Auntie Annie’s Pretzel stand. It stopped me in my tracks. Paul laughed at me for taking a picture – and now I am mad that I can’t find it to share with you! Imagine a photo of a hot, soft, delicious pretzel. Got it? To the right of that yummy looking pretzel … Read More

What Is Most Important Lesson from the Olympics?

What Is Most Important Lesson from the Olympics? Gabby Douglas Michael Phelps Jordyn Wieber Ryan Lochte Misty May-Treanor Missy Franklin Most of these names I bet you had never heard of before the Olympics. I don’t care how much or how little you care about the Olympics – these names are everywhere. You can’t miss them. The only reason you … Read More

The Olympic Torch and YOU.

While in Switzerland, we travelled to Lausanne which is the home of the IOC and the Olympic Museum. We had the opportunity to see every torch and medal from all the modern day Olympics. I even got to hold a replica of the 2012 torch! A breathtaking moment. There are 2 fun facts about the London 2012 Olympic Torch: The … Read More


I am suffering from jet lag. I am not asking for any sympathy. It is a blessing to be suffering from having to adjust to a different time zone – especially when the other zone was Denmark and Switzerland where you spent glorious time with your family! So I woke up really early today – 4:00am. I tried to go … Read More

I got one checked off…

One of my greatest lessons I shared in the video that I made for you below. It contains a personal story that was important as I share this truth with you. You deserve to experience this. To be honest with you, I wish I had made the commitment in writing earlier. I decided to have my kids all do it … Read More

How Do They Do It Over There?!

Retail tip #1 from Copenhagen: Boy you can’t miss these sale signs! Also they have bags that match them and we have seen them ALL over Copenhagen. A great idea – it sure makes me want to see what I am missing!!   Retail tip #4 from Denmark: the simplicity of this sale sign I’m Copenhagen is compelling   Retail … Read More