Don’t Miss the Pieces of GOLD at your Next Trade Show

Use them to Attract your RAVING FANS!   You come back from trade shows with so much NEW…new lines, new items, new ideas and new enthusiasm.  Today is your first day back at work.  You are pumped up!  As you pull up to your store you are thinking, “Just wait until my employees hear about all the great new items … Read More

5 Skills EVERY Team Member Must Know NOW

5 Skills EVERY Team Member Must Know NOW! Have you ever had to hire new staff around the holidays and found it difficult to find the time to get them trained well?  Come on.  Be honest.  I know I am not the only retailer that hap pened to! You have worked hard to create great relationships with your raving fans.  Those … Read More

What are you doing wrong in December?

What are you doing wrong in December? Not knowing how much cash you will have at the end of the year. It is important to see how much cash you are on track to generate compared to how much you need to take care of bills. There is still time to take strategic action. I am here to help you. … Read More

Ho Ho Ho – The Secret Translation

What! Ho Ho Ho has a secret translation? We can all picture Santa Claus leaning back with hands on his belly while saying “ho ho ho”. It is part of his joyful and laughter-rich image. “Ho ho ho” is an onomatopoeia, which is a word that sounds like what it means. It is a deep and happy sound. In the … Read More

A Line At Your Counter? Do this so you don’t miss any sales!

Let’s keep your raving fans happy and buying!  Ho-Ho-Holiday season means lines at your front counter. YAY!  But the stress of losing sales can completely ruin it for you. I don’t want you leaving any dollars in the pockets of your customers that could have gone to you! For proper staffing on busy days, be sure to have all the … Read More

Well this was embarrassing – but I am…

Hello there! I pretty much screwed up – but I am proud. Why? Because I did it.   I am in a Mastermind group and in our Monday 10 am accountability group…Frankly, everyone should be – but more about that later. In that group, I stated that I had been scared to death to do a FB Live video. I … Read More

What’s Your Return Policy?

Retail is about creating relationships. GOOD retail is about creating GOOD relationships. BAD retail is about creating BAD relationships. Now before you dismiss this as being obvious, please stop.  Take a breath – in and out.  Think about what kind of relationships the policies of your store creates.  Many policies – if not most – are put in place to … Read More

5 Ways Every Retailer Can Increase Holiday Season Sales

The Holiday Season is every retailer’s dream and nightmare. When I owned my boutique, I used to joke that I wished Jesus had a brother so we could do it all two times a year instead of one. At the same time, the holiday season caused a lot of stress for my team and me, I REALLY wanted to make … Read More

Our Manifesto. Do you have one?

More powerful than a mission statement. This is what we believe. This is who we are. This is what we do. What do you believe? Who are you? What do you really do? You are part of a revolution. You know who you are impacting. Write it down. Share it! Here is Our Manifesto. Do you have one?

10 Top Tactics to Manage Your Cash Flow Better

After having been in retail for over 30 years, there are proven tactics that work well in keeping your finances and operations going smoothly. Each one is tried and true. Most come from mistakes that I have made that I don’t want you to make. There is such value in getting an outside perspective on your own business. It’s why … Read More