What happens when you set a sales goal?

Do you set a sales goal every month, which corresponds to your overall sales goal for the year? If your answer is “sometimes”, you are not alone. It’s an important step that a lot of retailers miss (or skip) because they get too busy. OR they think because creating a sales goal is “guesswork”, it doesn’t really matter if they … Read More

How to motivate your team for holiday success

We talk a lot about the importance of navigating the holiday season as a small business owner, to avoid stress and burnout (get our free guide to No More Holidaze here!) This is especially important if you are a team of one.  And what if you do have a team? How can you best support them through the busy holiday … Read More

No More Holidaze – A Retailer’s Guide to Happy Holidays

Would you like to spend this holiday season relaxed, present with your loved ones and enjoying every holiday pleasure you desire? As an independent retailer, you might think that you are destined to spend the holidays exhausted, sacrificing yourself in order to keep your store hopping. Scurrying through the holidays in a Holidaze. I’m here to tell you: That simply … Read More

This World Needs You: A November Challenge

As an independent retailer, you are an integral part of a HUGE patchwork that ties your community together. On a larger scale, you are a cornerstone of our greater society. That is why we are declaring November the month of GRATITUDE!And here is why you should declare it with us! This world NEEDS you. Yes YOU! Your shop is a … Read More

How to TRULY Experience the Magic of the Holidays

Here at RETAILMavens we are BIG on Manifestos! We teach all our private clients how to write a manifesto for their business, and every year we encourage all retailers to write a HOLIDAY manifesto: manifesto nounman·​i·​fes·​to | \ ˌma-nə-ˈfe-(ˌ)stō  \plural manifestos or manifestoesDefinition of manifesto: a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer Why is … Read More

GO BIG or GO HOME – The Holiday Edition

I have talked about using the strategy of going BIG or going home in retail many times before, but I wanted to clarify why it is such an important strategy for retailers to use during the holiday season. Especially in a year of such uncertainty (a pandemic and an election in the same year)! So how do we put our … Read More

Amazon Prime Days: How do you increase your sales by 176%?

Would you like to know how YOU should celebrate Amazon Prime Days? Wait, what?! Why am I asking you, an independent retailer, to cheer for Amazon Prime Days? Because this is a huge opportunity to take advantage of the cultural fanfare this event gets and puts a local twist on it to make it your own successful annual event. In fact, … Read More

The holidays are not canceled! Let’s get festive!

Recently Jami asked me:“Just wondering what are your thoughts on Christmas open house? How are you planning on adjusting to meet requirements?” And of course – we are all about finding the opportunity in every obstacle, so here are the powerful strategies I shared with Jami: #1 Start earlier This year, we HAVE to start talking to our customers about … Read More

Do your marketing tactics accomplish these 2 things?

You’ve heard me say that you must spend 20% of your work time on marketing. If you aren’t, then it doesn’t matter what you do for the other 80% of the time.  Why? Because your people won’t be there otherwise!  You won’t have traffic.  If you work 5 days a week, that’s the equivalent of one full day spent specifically on … Read More

Black-Owned Wholesale Resource

A core value of our business is to always improve and to help others do the same. That includes understanding racism. It includes understanding how silent prejudices in beliefs impact thoughts and create actions. We are working on that.  “Staying humble and being ready to fumble” is a great quote from Rachel Rodgers. We will fumble during this time but … Read More