Amazon Prime Days: How do you increase your sales by 176%?

Would you like to know how YOU should celebrate Amazon Prime Days? Wait, what?! Why am I asking you, an independent retailer, to cheer for Amazon Prime Days? Because this is a huge opportunity to take advantage of the cultural fanfare this event gets and puts a local twist on it to make it your own successful annual event. In fact, … Read More

The holidays are not canceled! Let’s get festive!

Recently Jami asked me:“Just wondering what are your thoughts on Christmas open house? How are you planning on adjusting to meet requirements?” And of course – we are all about finding the opportunity in every obstacle, so here are the powerful strategies I shared with Jami: #1 Start earlier This year, we HAVE to start talking to our customers about … Read More

Do your marketing tactics accomplish these 2 things?

You’ve heard me say that you must spend 20% of your work time on marketing. If you aren’t, then it doesn’t matter what you do for the other 80% of the time.  Why? Because your people won’t be there otherwise!  You won’t have traffic.  If you work 5 days a week, that’s the equivalent of one full day spent specifically on … Read More

Black-Owned Wholesale Resource

A core value of our business is to always improve and to help others do the same. That includes understanding racism. It includes understanding how silent prejudices in beliefs impact thoughts and create actions. We are working on that.  “Staying humble and being ready to fumble” is a great quote from Rachel Rodgers. We will fumble during this time but … Read More

7 Reasons Why Team Meetings Are a Waste of Time

I remember when a retailer told me that staff meetings were a waste of time.   I was shocked.  I have heard many excuses why retailers don’t do them – but never heard anyone say that they weren’t worth doing at all.   I asked why they thought so… and all the reasons were spewed out!  Some were valid and some weren’t.   … Read More

Reopening Your Store

Reopening Your Store Ready or Not! Get Set! Let’s GO! Congratulations! You are ready to walk through to the other side!Change is the only constant – ALWAYS. Take courage from the fact that you have mastered the skill of – Stop! Pivot. Reset. This skill will continue to serve you well. You have done things that you didn’t want to … Read More

Do Not Pay Your Landlord!

Do Not Pay Your Landlord! You should not be paying full rent right now. You can’t afford to. Note that I am not talking about not ever paying your landlord – just right now during this crisis and while your store is closed. There is so much going on and so much of it is outside of your control. Rent shouldn’t be. … Read More

Play Offense

Play Offense! Changes are happening daily! Be Ready to Stop.Pivot.Reset. Numbers Know that Cash is King now. More than ever we have to protect it Ask your Landlord for rent abatement for NOW – not deferral – Abatement! Then continue the conversation to see what the next month brings. We have a great email template to share about it – … Read More

Don’t Miss the Pieces of GOLD at your Next Trade Show

It’s trade show time.  ☺ You come back from trade shows with so much NEW…new lines, new items, new ideas and new enthusiasm.  Right? Imagine today is your first day back at work.  You are pumped up! As you pull up to your store you are thinking, “Just wait until my team hears about all the great new items I … Read More

Officer Joe tells us What every Shoplifter does NOT want us to know.

What every Shoplifter DOES NOT want you to know! Great call with Officer Joe –lots of “ you should always” and “you should never”s and how to stay safe! Thieves don’t want to be recognized. Officer Joe suggests: -Say hello to everyone who comes in the shop. How to discourage shoplifters? Use signage on your front door and around the … Read More