7 WriterDowners From the Indie Retailers Conference

The Independent Retailers Conference was an event full of great resources and fantastic education. So much so that I decided to share some key insights…or “writerdowners” as I like to call them! That means that they are so good that they must be written down so as not to be forgotten!

1. From Ron Cates of Constant Contact: Use Arial or Tahoma font (or another sans serif font) for your emails because that makes it easier to read.

2. From Ron Cates of Constant Contact: Keep your header image smaller than 150 pixels so that people can get to your content fast.

3. From Ron Cates of Constant Contact: There is a large library of resources to help you generate better emails at Constant Contact.

4. From the panel on Public Relations: Media is ALWAYS looking for content. You have to make time to get your info to them and to develop relationships. That is done by emailing them ideas on a regular basis. Ideas for segments that they can run – for example, “How to translate Fashion Week styles into your one wardrobe” or “Black and White are hot for summer. This is how you can do it.”

5. From the panel on Applications: Claim your google+ local location now. Many retailers have not done this and are missing the opportunity to maximize local searches.

6. Carissa Reiniger, President of Silver Lining Ltd. Reminded us of the importance of being focused. We must be able to answer these questions specifically. What do you do? Who do you do it for? What scale do you do it on?
Then use the answers to fill in the blanks of this sentence.
I _________ for _________ on a _________ scale. I did it for myself. RETAILMavens increases profits for indie retailers on a global scale.

7. Jason Richelson, Founder of ShopKeep POS suggested some great online tools to help your business run more smoothly.
RingCentral.com for phone systems.
WhenToWork.com does scheduling and helps plan your payroll budget
Bill.com allows you to manage your payables faster.

Let me know what you think! Don’t miss it next year!!