BRRR! How can I keep sales UP while the temps DROP?

Well, the pots and pans are put away and the new year is already started!  Our kids always invite their friends to sleep over and share in the fun.  We have a tradition of banging pots and pans to ‘ring’ in the new year.  It’s loud and fun…and loud! AND IT IS FREEZING in most places! What is the temp … Read More

5 Skills EVERY Team Member Must Know NOW

5 Skills EVERY Team Member Must Know NOW! Have you ever had to hire new staff around the holidays and found it difficult to find the time to get them trained well?  Come on.  Be honest.  I know I am not the only retailer that hap pened to! You have worked hard to create great relationships with your raving fans.  Those … Read More

Ho Ho Ho – The Secret Translation

What! Ho Ho Ho has a secret translation? We can all picture Santa Claus leaning back with hands on his belly while saying “ho ho ho”. It is part of his joyful and laughter-rich image. “Ho ho ho” is an onomatopoeia, which is a word that sounds like what it means. It is a deep and happy sound. In the … Read More

A Line At Your Counter? Do this so you don’t miss any sales!

Let’s keep your raving fans happy and buying!  Ho-Ho-Holiday season means lines at your front counter. YAY!  But the stress of losing sales can completely ruin it for you. I don’t want you leaving any dollars in the pockets of your customers that could have gone to you! For proper staffing on busy days, be sure to have all the … Read More

Well this was embarrassing – but I am…

Hello there! I pretty much screwed up – but I am proud. Why? Because I did it.   I am in a Mastermind group and in our Monday 10 am accountability group…Frankly, everyone should be – but more about that later. In that group, I stated that I had been scared to death to do a FB Live video. I … Read More

Now is a terrible time to be in retail

Now is a terrible time to be in retail. More than 2,800 retail stores have closed this year through mid-April.  That is more closings than during the entire year of 2016.  At this year’s rate, more stores could close in 2017 than during the recession of 2008. And the future doesn’t look much brighter. The Bubble Has Burst “Our industry, … Read More

A Great Excuse For a Party! It’s a Fifth Saturday.

A Great Excuse For a Party! It’s a Fifth Saturday. And the RETAILMavens 3 Email Guaranteed Traffic Strategy! At this time of year, there are pretty much 2 kinds of stores. 1. Stores with lots of new inventory coming in 2. Stores with lots of old inventory on sale You have a unique opportunity to take advantage of with a … Read More

I don’t want to be known as an “always on sale’s store!”

I don’t want to be known as an “always on sale” store!   This is an actual story about the most recent client to ask this question…..names have been changed to protect the innocent! “I had a great bag made with my logo on it.  My idea is to give it away as a gift with purchase on Earth Day … Read More