This One Event Grew Sales 10x

Cathy:What I have for you today is the easiest event with the greatest ROI (Return on Investment), that you’ve ever heard of. It’s been hugely successful. When I first heard about it, I thought, I can’t wait to share it with you and the continued success of it is amazing! I want to introduce you to Amy and Courtney from … Read More

Grandma Donovan’s Soda Bread Recipe

St. Patrick’s Day is a big national holiday in our house. All of my grandparents were born in Ireland, as were Paul’s mother’s parents. When she was alive, my grandmother always had knitting needles in her hands. In fact she became blind in the last years of her life, and yet she still produced wonderful beautiful Irish sweaters and blankets. … Read More

Clearance Sale Tips – Why Dollar Tables?

What if I told you that I have a foolproof way for your customers to say “Take my money!”?  Retailers are always amazed that one small tweak can make a huge difference to the bottom line, but that’s what sooo exciting about applying the science of consumer psychology to your marketing, merchandising and team training. I love doing this research … Read More

How Markdowns Save You Money

You can IMPROVE your margins by taking MARKDOWNS. Crazy! Quite a contradiction, right?  At first glance, it makes a lot of sense to take smaller markdowns, doesn’t it? By keeping markdowns smaller, you are protecting your profit margins. I bet you have stretched it to 50% off, but you didn’t go further because then you’re not getting back what you … Read More

2 Retail Pricing Strategies Proven to Increase PROFIT

In my years as an independent specialty retailer, I really got pricing down to a science. I didn’t know at the time that it actually IS a science. But since then I’ve learned so much about behavioral economics and the study of psychology of retail shoppers – and it is fascinating! What a person will pay is all based on … Read More

Merchandise Planning Process: Make a Retail Plan in 10 Mins!

It’s true that inventory planning can be a pretty complex process, which is why we provide this service to our private clients using Management One’s formula and algorithms to predict a store’s merchandise plan with 93% accuracy. But in its simplest form, a merchandise plan is just a map that tells you how much inventory you should buy and when, … Read More

BEST Inventory Management Software for Retailers

Your inventory is your biggest retail asset and it’s also your single largest expense. It’s imperative that you manage it well. Inventory management software or Point of Sale Systems (POS) allow you to collect data so that you can reduce mistakes, improve your profitability, and so that you can know what to buy, how to make more money, and how … Read More

How To Start a Successful Retail Business in 2022

Are you thinking of starting a retail business? I 100% believe that the future of retail is bright – but no one dreams of starting or running a struggling business so read on as I tell you what it will take to have retail success right now! There is no doubt that retail can be a big challenge. I learned … Read More

How to Make Barcodes That Work

We often get asked by retailers, do I need to use barcodes and if so, how do I make them?The answer is almost always yes! As a retail store owner, your biggest asset is your inventory and tracking and analyzing it properly is key to improving your profits.The easiest, but also most expensive, way to produce barcodes is to use … Read More

Retail vs. Wholesale – What’s the Difference?

If you’re just getting started with your business, and you’ve found yourself curious about the differences between retail and wholesale and which is right for you – You’re in the right place! While there are a lot of similarities between the two – They both revolve around selling products after all – There are some key differences that you should … Read More