How Do I Improve My Sales Skills?

Most retailers I work with, didn’t open their retail store because they love selling, or are really great sales people. They opened their store because they have a passion. It might be a passion for a particular product that they want to share with the world, or for a hobby that brings them so much joy. But it’s usually not … Read More

Cyndi Made $45,000 in 3 Days

Cathy:Hi Cyndi! So we’re going to talk about how you did, $45,000 in three days – It’s mind blowing you guys! Please tell us the story about your store, Cyndi, where it’s located and all the fun stuff!  Cyndi:I’m located in Massachusetts, in Franklin, it’s a suburb of Boston. I have been doing this for 17 years now. Prior to … Read More

Grandma Donovan’s Soda Bread Recipe

St. Patrick’s Day is a big national holiday in our house. All of my grandparents were born in Ireland, as were Paul’s mother’s parents. When she was alive, my grandmother always had knitting needles in her hands. In fact she became blind in the last years of her life, and yet she still produced wonderful beautiful Irish sweaters and blankets. … Read More

How Sunni Made $4,800 in 7 Days

Cathy:Welcome Sunni! I’m so happy to have you with us today, thanks for joining us!So listen, we are here to talk about how it is that you did $4,800 in days, and equally important is that you had a blast doing it. But before we get to that, please tell me about your story. Tell me a little bit about … Read More

5 Ways to Grow Your Email List

One of the best tools you can have in your marketing strategy toolbox is email marketing. It remains by far the most effective way to GET new customers AND effectively market to them – but in order for it to have the impact you need, you need to have a list of customers to send emails to. Whether you are … Read More

Clearance Sale Tips – Why Dollar Tables?

What if I told you that I have a foolproof way for your customers to say “Take my money!”?  Retailers are always amazed that one small tweak can make a huge difference to the bottom line, but that’s what sooo exciting about applying the science of consumer psychology to your marketing, merchandising and team training. I love doing this research … Read More

How Markdowns Save You Money

You can IMPROVE your margins by taking MARKDOWNS. Crazy! Quite a contradiction, right?  At first glance, it makes a lot of sense to take smaller markdowns, doesn’t it? By keeping markdowns smaller, you are protecting your profit margins. I bet you have stretched it to 50% off, but you didn’t go further because then you’re not getting back what you … Read More

Sell Your Duds Without a Discount!

Your day is just starting. Unlocking the door you walk into your dark, quiet store. So used to your morning opening routine are you, that you don’t even have to think about what you are doing. You put your things in the back room, turn on the computer, put your float in the cash register, turn on the lights… And … Read More

Traffic Down? Raise Your Items per Sale

There is something important I want you to know: YOU are NOT powerless! It’s so very easy (I know, I’ve been there) to feel defeated when traffic is down, and your sales are suffering because of it. It’s easy to blame an outside force – the weather, the economy, the pandemic… BUT you have more control than you might think. … Read More

Retail Loss Prevention – Everything You Need to Know!

Shoplifting is an unfortunate reality of brick & mortar retail life, but there are ways you can minimize opportunities of theft and improve your safety. We reached out to theft prevention officer Joe who gave us these helpful tips – that shoplifters everywhere DON’T want you to know –  to reduce incidents of theft and stay safe: Thieves don’t want … Read More