How to Support Your Team So They Can Support You

how to support your team so they can support you

Are you frustrated by your retail team’s performance? You need to learn how to support your team so they can support you. Listen, I know exactly how frustrating it can be when your retail staff isn’t doing what you want them to do. I get it… You unlock the door and walk into your store early in the morning. It … Read More

7 Sure Ways to Waste Your Team’s Time

I remember when a retailer told me that staff meetings were a waste of time. Now I have heard many excuses why retailers don’t do them – but I usually don’t hear that they aren’t worth doing at all. So when I dug a little deeper, it became clear that this retailer was making some very common mistakes that did … Read More

5 Retail Skills Your Team Must Know

You have worked hard to create great relationships with your raving fans. Those relationships can be easily damaged by lacking customer interaction skills from your team. You don’t want to lose any business that way.

5 Steps to Hiring Well – Why I Love a Bad Employee

5 Steps to Hiring Well

The secret to having a supportive team is hiring well. In all my experience with hiring retail employees, I narrowed it down to 5 steps to hiring well. I actually always loved a bad employee. Why? Because the beauty of having bad employees is that it points out a problem, right? And when you see a problem, you have 2 … Read More