And the Retailer of the Year Award goes to… YOU!

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to retailers that PIVOT received an honorable mention in’s People’s Choice Word of the Year 2020 (the top spot was claimed by “Unprecedented”).

And boy did you pivot. You SLAYED the pivot. You earned that badge – wear it with pride! 

But pivot simply doesn’t do justice to your achievements this past year. 2020 demanded so much more of you than just a pivot. 

You faced arguably the biggest obstacle of your retail owner life, and you never lost your focus. Your mission of serving your customers in the best way possible never waivered. 

You met that obstacle head on, and you worked around it. 

You learned so much. About doing business online, about the humanness of a global pandemic. About a whole new meaning of connection. About yourself.

And you grew. 

You might still feel too tired, too weary, to really understand how much just yet. But let me be the one to tell you:

You rose to the occasion 

You built new skills

You expanded your knowledge

You changed your mindset when you needed to 

You lifted up your community…

…You grew.

I’m in awe of everything you accomplished.

And all that growth will serve you as you move into the new year.

The Retailer of the Year Award 2020 goes to…


2 Comments on “And the Retailer of the Year Award goes to… YOU!”

  1. I honestly have pivoted and it was no easy feet. I have taken a business that was created to take out into the community when there were no others like ours and brought it indoors. Even though I’m a small business of husband and wife who go way beyond to get and please our customers with just the right item to fit their needs. We stuck together and are on our way to success with a new website, about to go live next week, so we can continue to thrive and grow until we can get a retail space. We did not stop investing in our business when my full time job was cut out due to the pandemic . Instead we have spent 9 months and thousands of hours trying to figure out better and more ways to better service our customers using the little money resources and a lot of free advice from groups like your that wanted to help. I can’t say that we succeeded at everything or did it the way we should have but we did it successfully and that is what counts.

    1. YOU are the Retailer of the Year!!! What a story of grit and grace as you never lost sight of your vision to serve your customers. Yavonne, your story inspires me. You have touched so many. Congratulations!

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