Black-Owned Wholesale Resource

A core value of our business is to always improve and to help others do the same. That includes understanding racism. It includes understanding how silent prejudices in beliefs impact thoughts and create actions. We are working on that.  “Staying humble and being ready to fumble” is a great quote from Rachel Rodgers. We will fumble during this time but we are 1000% willing to learn. 

I’d like to invite you to take the 15% Pledge, which our coach Dana reminded me of at our recent Mastermind intensive. This campaign calls on major retailers to commit at least 15% of their shelf space to products from Black-owned businesses. The initiative was founded by designer Aurora James in response to racial inequality and the underrepresentation of Black-owned brands in retail spaces.
The name “15% Pledge” reflects the proportion of the U.S. population that is Black, and the goal is to promote economic equity and support Black entrepreneurs by giving them better visibility and access to consumers.
YOU as an independent store owner have the chance to really move this needle in a positive way that reflects your community.
Retailers who take the 15% Pledge commit to reviewing and diversifying their product offerings, ensuring that a significant portion of their inventory includes items from Black-owned businesses. This commitment extends beyond symbolic gestures and aims to create tangible opportunities for economic empowerment within marginalized communities.
To support you, we’ve created a Black-Owned Wholesale resource where you can browse an ever growing list of inspiring businesses to represent in your store:

Faire also has a great resource for other amazing companies you shoudl check out! Know another company we should add? Send us an email to!

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