Prom and Albino Squirrels

Fun times…Prom 2012! My daughter Clare is a senior at a small Christian high school and they allow the entire school to attend the big dance. Christopher attends a different school but got invited to go by a mutual friend. They had a blast being at the dance together. Thanks for letting me share!

It was amazing to see the measures that the stores take to make sure that there are no duplicate outfits at prom! Everyone wants to stand out.

Like my friend, the albino squirrel we call Ralph. Crazy looking, isn’t he? But he sure stands out when he runs around the trees in my backyard.

Everyone wants to stand out.

Enjoy the article today – it will surprise you.


Happy Retailing,
Cathy  Wagner

Prom and Albino Squirrels

This is an actual conversation that I had with a retailer…

I was on the phone with my mentor, Marc Weiss from We were meeting with a client of mine about improving her staff’s selling skills. The discussion was centered around what good selling really looks like. “It is always about establishing relationships,” I said. “Talking to your fans, finding out their problems and how to solve them…that is what good selling looks like.”

“True,” Marc said. “And there is one more thing…You have to believe that what you do makes a difference every day.”

That really struck me.

How does a retailer believe that they make a difference every day?

Then Marc asked the client, “What compelled you to get into business in the first place?” She paused for a moment. “When I was a kid, we had magical times at Disneyland as a family. Those memories are so special to me. I wanted to have a toy store that would make kids and families feel like that again.”

That is a powerful story. Marc said that the emotion behind her words brought a tear to his eye!

How about you? List out THE reason that you started your store.

I started Retail Mavens because I saw that so many retailers struggled with managing their inventory and sales and I wanted to share the solutions I had found. I wanted them to see how they could get better sleep again.

My client, Jacque just said that to me today. “I sleep through the night now that we are working together. I know it is all under control.”

Now, I transform the way my clients look at their inventory which causes a radical change in their profits. I open their eyes to a new way of seeing their customers and how they can help them more which generates better service and increased sales. I do love what I do. I know I make a difference everyday. It makes me eager to go to work in the morning. That comes through in what I do.

My toy store client shares her passion clearly through her messaging and marketing. She makes a difference in many family’s lives. You can feel that energy from her.

Another women’s store client wants women to feel beautiful in their own skin. Everything she does is focused on that passion.

These passions are what leads them to have good selling skills. They develop relationships by sharing their passion to make a difference every day. The sales naturally follow.

Go to and tell me what your passion is. How do you make a difference every day? Do you believe that you do? Do you stand out?