The ONE Thing You Must Do With EVERY Email You Send Out

This is the ONE THING YOU MUST DO with every email you send out.

You MUST send them out WEEKLY.
Every week. At the same time.
The best time is on Thursday mornings.
You forget how much your raving fans love you and want to hear from you.

Let me share an email that I just got from a client about this.


I’ve been reluctantly sending out a weekly News & Brews thinking I am annoying my customers. But doing it because you said to.

Yesterday, three customers, who I haven’t seen in the shop in a while, commented on how much they enjoy and look forward to the newsletter.

So I just wanted to say Thank You!



I love being right about this!  And teaching other indie retailers about it.  Let me tell you that this ALWAYS happens.

You know so much about your store and what you are passionate about .  You started your store because you know others were passionate about it too, right?

So don’t be greedy and keep all that fabulous knowledge and fantastic products to yourself!

Now, be sure to prepare yourself for unsubscribes – and welcome and bless every single one of them.  You certainly do not want anyone to get emails that they don’t want – that is spam.  You only want to be sending to people who want to get it.  Trust me.  The vast majority will thank you just like those customers thanked my client.

When a customer voices a complaint, we know that it represents at least 10 other people who have the same complaint.  That is why we try to fix it!  The same is true with a compliment!  The same is true with an encouraging word!

Don’t be greedy!  Share what you know and love with your raving fans.  They love what you love.  And they love you!


RETAILMavens Assignment:

Commit to sending your email out weekly.  Perhaps even more if you have enough to say.  

  1. Commit to sending your email out weekly.  Perhaps even more if you have enough to say.
  2. Tell your team what day you are committing to send it out on. Whenever you share a goal with someone else it becomes more real.  I would even write it out and post it above your desk until it becomes a habit.   This is #473 straight for me.  I have never missed a week ever.
  3. Just start today.