Why You Should Commit to Your Markdowns

If you have followed me for a while, you might have heard me tell the story of the Christmas Vase. It’s a story about a client who had a beautiful vase that just wouldn’t sell.

So she moved it to the window. It still didn’t sell.

She marked it down 20%, and when it still didn’t sell she marked it back up to the regular price.

She moved it to the counter. She marked it down again, and then up again.

No matter what she did, it didn’t sell.

Until one Christmas Eve. That perfect customer came in, and finally bought the vase at the full price.


I am not kidding!

It took my client thirteen years of marking this vase down, and then up again, over and over, before it finally sold.

Don’t Let Your Merchandise Hold You Hostage

I know that you would much rather sell your inventory at full price, and I understand that you would much rather wait for just the right customer to come in and pay that price.

But the truth is that when you don’t commit to marking down items that aren’t selling, and moving them out – you are being held hostage!

You are taking control, and then giving it away. Again and again. You are being wishy washy.

And you don’t have time for that!

You are a BUSY retailer, serving a community of customers who deserve you and your merchandise at your best. You don’t have time for wishy washy.

The Secret to Buying NEW Products

When it’s time to move your inventory out, you must truly commit! Because that’s the secret to get the cash to buy NEW things that WILL sell better!
Mark it down and don’t quit until it is gone.

I show you exactly how to do this, and which inventory has to go in my Clearance Sale Secrets program.

It is a challenging time to be a brick and mortar retailer and you can’t afford to hang on to merchandise that isn’t selling.

Commit to clearing it out and collect the cash it’s holding.