Why You Should Hop Off the Fence

Decision fatigue is a very real thing and you might not even be aware that you suffer from it. It manifests as mental exhaustion, procrastination, avoidance – the inability to make smart, productive choices. And that’s such a terrible way to live.

When you think about how many decisions we are faced with every day, it’s no wonder it happens to most of us!

But you don’t have to accept it and settle.

Reducing Decision Fatigue

The first step to reduce decision fatigue is to set ourselves up with routines.

  • For example, by making a weekly meal plan, you’ll reduce your decision fatigue because you won’t have to spend energy figuring out what to eat each day.
  • By scheduling your workouts at specific times on specific days, you don’t have to decide each day if and when you should do them and what workout you should do.
  • By time blocking your calendar you’ll save yourself from making hundreds of decisions every day of what to do next.

It’s so important that we do this, because if we don’t, decision fatigue will cause us to miss out on OPPORTUNITIES!

Don’t Miss the Opportunities

Opportunities present themselves to us all the time. Sometimes we miss them altogether because we’re too focused on the problems.

But even when we DO recognize them – Decision fatigue makes us hesitate to take advantage of them!

And NOT making a decision is the biggest mistake you can make!

Whether you decide to DO something or NOT DO something isn’t the most important – it’s that you DECIDE.

Sitting on the fence drains you – it gives you splinters, it’s UNCOMFORTABLE.

Once you make a decision, you can line up with it and focus your energy on making your decision work for you.

But while you’re undecided, your energy is STUCK right there in the indecision, and it will keep you stuck right along with it.

Sometimes, if you wait long enough to decide, the decision will be made for you. The opportunity goes away, the moment passes.

You might feel some temporary relief when this happens, because your energy is released and you can focus on something else again – BUT soon you’ll be stuck with feelings of regret and thoughts of “what if?”.

Because you gave your control away.

Instead – take back control and MAKE THE DECISION!

Then make that decision work.