You MUST Ignore Your Best Customers Now

What I know for certain is that there are 3 different customers that shop in your store. A. B. C. You have to treat them differently at different times of the year.

The ‘A’ customer is your best customer. They represent the 20% of your customers that generate 80% of your sales. Check it out. It happens every single time. Right now, at the height of your sale season, you want to totally ignore them.
You hear me right…. completely IGNORE your best customers. Most don’t really care about a sale. They want your new stuff. Your best stuff. Call them about that.

blank clipboard

Your true sale customers are the ‘C’ customers. They love a sale. They love your store and can’t afford – or think they can’t afford – your store. At this time of year they are so important to you. Put out a clipboard with a pad of paper on it. Write at the top of it “If you would like to know about our sales, give us your name, number and email address.” Collect the information about your sale customers. They are GOLD to you. They literally have the ability to turn inventory into CASH for you. They love a deal and just want to be loved on and told when the deal is on. They will come in and buy. The reason I love these customers is that they allow you to move out that inventory and bring in new.

You have to be able to identify your sale customers in order to give them what THEY really want. And in doing so, YOU get what your really want! It is a beautiful win-win situation.

Your ‘B’ customers are somewhere in between. By having the clipboard out they will self select.

The most important step of this process is to IMPLEMENT. When you go on sale, contact ALL WHO SIGNED UP! You will make them mad if you don’t. Call them. Email them. They ASKED to be contacted. DO IT. Or look like you don’t care.