3 Things You Must Have in Every Email You Send Out

You want the emails that you send out to be EAGERLY opened and CONSUMED by your raving fans, right?  Last time I talked about the first step to that.  (If you missed it last week, click here to read that step now.)  Now for the next step!

First things first – let me clarify the word ‘things’ as I am using it here.

These three ‘things’ can be separate sections as I do it.  Or you can make each a paragraph.  Or you can make one a paragraph and one a sentence.  Or you can mix it up.  It isn’t like there is a cookie-cutter rule because your emails should reflect you and your wonderfully unique personality and brand.

BUT EACH ‘THING’ MUST BE INCLUDED IN EVERY EMAIL – for maximum effectiveness.

Thing 1.  Personal Note.  This is where you establish yourself as a real person and completely different from every other internet site out there that sells what you do.  This is where you give them a little peek into YOU and your world and what is important to you.  People buy from people.  They buy from people that they know, like and trust.  In this ‘thing’, you build a genuine relationship with your raving fans.

Thing 2. Main Educational Article (aka Featured Article). My friend and ‘newsletter guru’ Linda Claire Puig says that “this is where you build your credibility as a trusted expert. ‘Giving away’ this kind of valuable material showcases for your readers the depths and types of solutions you offer in your” store.

Thing 3.  Promotions (aka Call to Action).  This is where you promote an item that related to the short article you wrote.  You can advertise a sale.  Whatever action you want your raving fans to take after reading….just tell them what to do.

It is simple. Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing3.

But they must ALL be included for your emails to be a true GIFT and to be consumed by your fans.


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