How to Support Your Team So They Can Support You

how to support your team so they can support you

Are you frustrated by your retail team’s performance? You need to learn how to support your team so they can support you. Listen, I know exactly how frustrating it can be when your retail staff isn’t doing what you want them to do. I get it… You unlock the door and walk into your store early in the morning. It … Read More

5 Retail Skills Your Team Must Know

You have worked hard to create great relationships with your raving fans. Those relationships can be easily damaged by lacking customer interaction skills from your team. You don’t want to lose any business that way.

How Not To Lead Your Team

When we start working with clients, big changes happen. They completely change the way they look at their inventory. It becomes clear that EVERY buying decision is a decision of investment. We specifically show them how to balance inventory they own. This makes sure that they have exactly the right amount of inventory in the right areas (or classes) of … Read More