4-step map to the freedom you want


Independence Day.

That is what July 4th always means to me. Well – also barbecues and time off with my family! It is my second favorite holiday. I truly love the freedom around it. Low key meals and no presents….fun and freedom.

That is what inspired the Retail Profit Revolution. You love what you do and you want more freedom. Right? Even if you want more money – you want it to give you more freedom. Think about that. You know it is true.

Freedom comes with knowing exactly how to change your situation…and having the ability and motivation to do it. Knowledge, education, and desire are only steps on your journey. None of them alone will give you the freedom you want.

Think of it like a quest. You’re the new Indiana Jones, and you must overcome each challenge before you can reach the final goal. Yes, they can be tough, but you’ve faced a few rolling boulders and snake pits in your time. You’ve got this.

Let me give you the 4-step map to the freedom you want.

1. Desire. You want more freedom.

This means that you want something different from your current set of circumstances. If you knew how to get it, you’d have already gotten it by now. How long will you sit with desire and wait for circumstances to change before you decide to learn how to change yourself?

2. Knowledge. You want to know what you don’t know.

With more knowledge, you can look at your current state of affairs and know what needs to change. You may not yet know how to fix it, but until you can determine what is keeping you from the freedom you desire, you’ll never move even an inch closer to it.

3. Education. You want to know how to get the freedom.
Education, training, strategy – all words for the targeted learning that looks at where you are, what you want, and the exact steps to get you from here to there.

If you skip a step before this, you’ll always burn out – either by chasing something you didn’t really want or by wasting your energy trying a million things that can’t work, because they don’t address the real problem.

4. Value. You must decide you’re worth it and invest in yourself.

There is always an investment of money, time and energy in getting what you want. You absolutely have to decide that you are worth the investment or you will never see the goal.

Is it worthwhile to invest in only the knowledge? Or invest in only the education without knowing exactly what you should be learning or how to implement what you’ve learned? Only if, like Indiana, you think you’ll be able to lift the knowledge off the pedestal and have the freedom come magically barreling down on you. (In which case, I would advise you to be ready to run…)

You only invest because you want the outcome that it will provide, and you should only invest when the money, time, and energy you put in will come back to you as knowledge, education, and the means and motivation to put that knowledge and education to work.

That is how you attain the freedom you want. That is the only way.

And frankly, I’ve seen too often where one or more of those critical steps are left by the wayside, leaving you at the bottom of a snake pit in your bare feet with no discernible way out.

Invest in yourself—
Come to the REVOLUTION!
And get the freedom that you deserve.