7 Retail Friendly Lead Magnet Ideas

Retail Friendly Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is a very well known term in the online marketing space, but they can also be a very efficient retail marketing strategy. That’s why I’m sharing these 7 retail friendly lead magnets you can use to grow your email list.

Why Lead Magnets?

The ultimate purpose of your lead magnet is to attract leads – or customers – into your world. You do this by building a connection with them, by providing them something of value so they feel comfortable with giving you their contact information. Because no one wakes up thinking: “I can’t wait to join some email lists today!”

Most often lead magnets are used to grow your email list, but it can also be used to collect other contact information such as phone number for texts, or address for direct mail campaigns.

The point is that you need to keep growing the list of customers that you can communicate with and sell to – that you own. For more tips on growing your email list, read this article about 5 ways to grow your email list!

If You Don’t Track it You Can’t Improve it

Before you start, look at where you are now! We can’t improve something unless we track it, so start by looking at your current email list and set some goals for where you’d like it to be by the end of the year. That way you can compare the different lead magnet ideas to find the one that is connecting with the most customers.

Retail Friendly Lead Magnet Ideas

Here are 7 retail friendly lead magnet ideas you can use to exchange for your customer’s email address:

  • A discount code – We recommend 30% off one item, valid for 24 hours (This might seem like a high discount, but it’s the most effective and it will gain you a new customer. If you believe in what you sell, don’t be afraid to try this. Set up two email and/or text reminders to let them know it’s about to expire)
  • A PDF download (style guide/trend guide/how-to/pattern, etc.)
  • A quiz (must enter email to get results)
  • A free gift with their next purchase (send them a redeemable code if online)
  • A Free Shipping code
  • A free sample (especially great with food products, but it works with craft/maker products as well)
  • Access to an exclusive how-to video featuring your products

Start by choosing only ONE of these ideas – The one you think would appeal to your ideal customer the most, and try a different one every two months or so to test what works best.

Getting more customers to your store is important – but you also need to make sure that your margins are good enough for you to pay yourself, your staff AND keep a profit. You need to make sure your inventory is fresh, and that you don’t have too much or not enough – so you can sell more to the customers you have and the new ones, and you need a team that supports your growth.

I show you exactly how to manage each of those areas in this free training. Watch it now and start implementing the Sales Breakthrough System in your store to grow your sales consistently and sustainably!