Ads for Indies – Attract Your Next Raving Fan

One of the most common questions our clients have is about how best to market their stores. Not just to have pretty ads and social media followers, but to get folks to come into their stores and fall in love! It’s so different for indies than it is for almost any other type of business. We asked a recent client who wanted to take advantage of a great advertising opportunity if we could share her question and the ads she created to help others in her position.

Congratulations to Kim Burack Mazur of The Fabulous Female in Sandusky, Ohio for being named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Erie County Chamber of Commerce! It was a well-deserved honor for a Fabulous indie retailer making a difference in her community! Kudos, Kim!

Hello Mavens,

I am doing a small placemat ad as a barter/trade with one of my customers who sells the ads. They are for a local restaurant with two locations. Both restaurants are very busy especially during tourist season.

It costs so little, I want to do it. Here is the ad I worked up. Keep in mind, it is a small rectangle on a placemat, approximately 2″ x 2.5″ so there’s not a lot of room for text. I’m thinking the pictures are what will grab their attention.

What do you think? Should I say Co-Recipient anywhere when I mention Entrepreneur of the Year? Would it be dishonest not to? It seems so wordy and confusing to add Co-recipient. Thoughts?


The “Before” Ad

Retail Marketing


You don’t have to say co-recipient!

It is imperative to name brands that you carry so that people can decide if you are worth checking out!

Give me 10 recognizable names – and get rid of the fabulous bottom line and even the woman!

That graphic won’t get them to come in….but your amazing brands will. Then you wow them with your service and selection and create those customers for life.


Thank you Cathy.

The graphic of the woman is part of my new logo and on my sign. But I see what you are saying.

But am I branding myself or branding others? I have a lot to learn here.

1. Comfy USA
2. Fenini
3. Lysse
4. Liverpool
5. Oh My Gauze
6. Vera Bradley
7. Chamilia
8. Lori Bonn
9. GingerSnaps

Are these recognizable to you? All my other brands are smaller names.



Remember, you’re new to these people. They will scan quickly and just see a store that they don’t know.

You have to give them a few brands they know so that it gives you credibility. They’ll see those recognizable and beloved brands, and want to learn more AND THEN they will care about your branding.
Those are great ones…

Can I share this learning experience (and brag about your award!) in my next email out?


(Mavens Coach Michael weighed in to add a great way to track the success of the ad!)


I agree with Cathy, that you need to show the major brands you are selling as a draw. Send us an update of the ad after you make the changes Cathy mentioned. You could also ads a line that says mention this ad and get 10% off your purchase to see if you get any response.



The “After” Ad

Retail Marketing 2


Enjoy the new customers who find and adore The Fabulous Female, Kim! And to everyone else, keep these tips in mind as you’re taking advantage of the advertising opportunities that come up for your store!


Ads for Indies – Attract Your Next Raving Fan