Batman and Robin Will Double Your Sales!

I saw this image on the front of Auntie Annie’s Pretzel stand. It stopped me in my tracks. Paul laughed at me for taking a picture – and now I am mad that I can’t find it to share with you!

Imagine a photo of a hot, soft, delicious pretzel. Got it? To the right of that yummy looking pretzel were 3 small bowls with dipping sauces for the pretzels. GENIUS! Without a word from the teenager behind the counter, that photo got me to consider adding another item to my single pretzel purchase which means I would be buying 2 items. The sign effectively doubles the items sold per sale.

Apply it to your store.

What is your ‘superhero’ item? Is it a Trina Turk dress, a great pair of Michael Kors heels or a Michael Aram salad bowl? Or is a game of ‘Spot it’ your Batman?

What is the ‘sidekick’ item? Is it a fabulous Chan Luu bracelet, a pair of Spanx hosiery, or a marvelous set of salad tongs? Or is Doink It Darts your Robin?

The main point is not to stop at just one item ever! Always ask your customer if they want fries with their hamburger. Always search for what the corresponding sidekick item is to the main superhero purchase. Sometimes it is obvious such as suggesting “the perfect” fashion accessory with the dress. Other times it is simply OFFERING THEM ANOTHER ITEM! The rule is to always make the suggestion for another item.

Let Catwoman double your sales. Use her as the secret code word in your store. When you see your staff in the middle of a sale and there is more to be sold, walk by and say, “I saw Catwoman in that movie last night. Have you?” Or you could mention Woody and Buzz Lightyear! Batman and Robin are a good team if they aren’t too old school for you. Use a superhero comment like that as your gentle reminder/kick in the butt to them that there are more selling opportunities with their customer. I guarantee that your sales will increase!