DO NOT Make Any New Year’s Resolutions Yet. It Would Be A Big Mistake.

There are so many posts about resolutions for the New Year. And you all know that I believe in goals…and in writing them down. That is surely a step that increases success.

But DON’T make any New Year’s Resolutions.
2016 New year

Not yet.

It would be a mistake to jump forward like that.

There is something else you must do first!

We are a forgetful people. We so quickly forget that we didn’t used to know something. We quickly take for granted our new knowledge. Right? Are you with me?

It is imperative that you know where you were and see where you came from in the last year. That gives you hope and encouragement for what is possible in the next year. It allows you to make bigger dreams that you might have otherwise.

Read that again…doing this will allow you to dream bigger because it shows you how far you have come.

I bet that you have come farther this year than you might have thought you could have a year ago. You probably accomplished more than you realized. So don’t sell yourself short.

We are negative people. We so quickly forget what we didn’t used to have something. We quickly take for granted our new acquisition. Right? Because we are on to the next thing…..

It’s not bad to be negative in this way – it is our ability to see the gaps between what we have and what we want that drives us forward.

But before you start driving forward…

Do this first.

Write down 5 things you are grateful for from last year. It could be decisions made, prayers answered, people found, relationships ended, customers met, vendors sourced, guidance found…

Our steps forward come to us looking very differently sometimes.

They don’t always come wrapped as gifts.

Sometimes there is pain attached.

Be grateful for that which God placed into your life that is leading you forward and making you stronger. The gift is the change that occurs afterwards.

Write 5 of them down. At least.

Share them with me on my facebook page. I would love to hear from you. And there is a reason it is important to share.

The power of sharing is that it can jog other memories of items deserving gratitude. So by sharing you are helping yourself and helping others. I’ll be sharing there too.

Don’t sell yourself short.
See all that you have accomplished this year.
Be grateful for what you have done this year.
Write it down.
I am so proud of you.
I know how hard you work.
You deserve this success.


DO NOT Make Any New Year’s Resolutions Yet.  It Would Be A Big Mistake.


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