Feeling Unmotivated or Just Not in the Mood??

unmotivatedEver felt unmotivated and simply not in the mood to do anything? Yeah, it happens to me too.

I had this amazing eight weeks of rocking and rolling after the holidays with all sorts of fabulous ideas and new marvelous clients – it was great!  I am always motivated and ready to take action on goals, but sometimes I hit a wall.  I feel disconnected with my inner muse!  It happens.  Our productivity sinks as we drag our feet around on taking care of things we should be getting done.

This is a slippery slope.  While it is GOOD to take a mental health day occasionally, a lack of motivation can get out of hand.  Rather than let your productivity be based on your mood, you have to be able to pull out a few tools to get in control of the situation.

1. Connect with your Future Vision and your BIG WHY.

One of the biggest reasons why we are not motivated is because we have lost sight of our future vision.  What is it that you are trying to achieve with your store?  What do you want to get out of it?  Why did you decide to open your store?  Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward.  How do you want inspire others?  Once you know this, you connect it to the BIG WHY.  Why you get out of bed each day?

Knowing what my life’s purpose is keeps me going when it gets tough.  I am here to show retailers how to find more profit in their store and discover more freedom and fun for their lives.  My BIG dream is to do it for women all over the world and increase their standard of living – for the backbone of community and economies is independent retailers.  This has led me to make bold decisions and take risks.  I have consulted with hundreds of retailers to achieve greater profit, success and freedom in their business and  many other ideas are unfolding to support these dreams.  This “WHY” drives me to reach new heights and accomplish more.

2. Work on a written deadline and then REST.

You have seen it happen – work always expands to fill the time you have to spend on it.  Write down a tight deadline and then work hard to make it happen.  Do this for daily, weekly and strategic goals.

Then PLAN for a REST.  Sometimes we feel unmotivated and it is a sign for a rest.  That is certainly what happened to me.  I just kept going and going and then I couldn’t get anything done.  SO stop and take a breather.  Relax.  Hang out.  It will give you renewed focus and energy.

3. CHOOSE motivating thoughts!

Zig Ziglar refers to it as Stinkin’ Thinkin’.  It is an extremely easy thing to spiral downwards….I know I have been there.  It starts with one negative thought and then you find something else is bad too and then another area of your life is certainly crap and then suddenly you are under a big black cloud.  Don’t you hate that!  Choose to not go down the path.

Choose to not enter that downward spiral.

You have a choice with each thought that enters your head.  Take a look at it and if it isn’t one that moves you closer to your goal – put it aside.  I surround myself with people and materials that motivate and inspire me.  In my car, I am always listening to people who are either teaching me something or motivating me to be better.    Around my desk are photos and quotes that inspire me.  I change them frequently so that they don’t fade into the background.

All of this helps to keep me motivated!

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