FYI – Recap Forms

FYI - Recap Forms

When we work with our clients, we have a form that they send back immediately after the appointment.

We call it a recap form because they recap the action steps that they will take and what we committed to do for them.

I got a recap form from a client the other day – and it contains a great reminder that I want to share with you! This is just the bottom half of it.

As my consultant, you committed to:

  • Helping me create an action plan for market
  • Helping me create an action plan for identifying how much to pull for our SACSale in July

The thing you said or asked during our call that impacted me most or worked best for me was:

Not really one thing that you said or asked, but just talking with you reminded me that I need to share my excitement about our merchandise with my customers and share the love with each of them, making them ALL feel special when they come into the shop.

Share the Excitement!

Share the Love!

Excitement and Love makes them feel special.

It is easy to get swallowed up in all the little things that have to happen to run a store. It is easy to lose the excitement. It is easy to lose the love!

Take a deep breath. You have great items in your store! Remember the excitement you felt when you placed the order. You are there to make a difference in your raving fans lives! Remember the love you have for the knowledge and passion that you are sharing with them.

Now, share the excitement. Share the Love. Make them all feel special.   FYI – Recap Forms