Get Out of a Sales Slump

It’s been a roller coaster year. Across the world, retailers are in varying states of restriction. If traffic has been down for you, you are not alone!
And no doubt you’ve spent the extra time cleaning up and re-merchandising your store.

Eventually your sales will pick back up, right?

Except they don’t. Your sales are down and your store is full of great in-season merchandise.

Your knee jerk reaction might be to throw a sale. Because a good sale will bring the traffic and the cash flow, won’t it?

Believe me, I know how tempting it is to offer a sale right now.

But don’t do it.


Because in order for a clearance sale to work (as in, move the most amount of inventory with the best possible margins) it has to be strategic.

Your clearance sale has to cater to the right customers at the right time.

In order for more clearance sale to work- as in, move the most amount of inventory with the best possible margins- it has to be strategic. it has to cater to the right customers at the right time. - Cathy Donovan Wagner | Retail Mavens

Your Full Price Customers

Would you do a little exercise with me? Put both your hands up in front of you, fingers spread wide

2 hands in the sky

Now fold down your fingers so all you see are your thumbs.

Your thumbs represent your very best customers – Because 80% of your sales come from only 20% of your customers. Your Thumbs. They buy full price merchandise, come back often and they rave about you to all their friends.

They really don’t care much about sales. They are not bargain hunters and they don’t always respond to “sale” language.

Your Thumbs would much rather pay full price in order to get the newest styles and your excellent, personalized customer service.

And right now your Thumbs need you.

Want to provide the very best customer service while increasing traffic AND sales? Then THIS is what you should do RIGHT NOW:

Reach out to your thumbs. Email, phone, or text them with pictures of your beautiful inventory. Tell them that you’ve missed them and this {insert perfect item here} made you think of them.

There is a secret to running a clearance sale the right way – and at the right time. AND NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO RUN A BIG SALE!

Resist the temptation!

You can’t afford to do it the wrong way.

I created the KILLER Clearance Sale Secrets program for this very reason.

It’s a step by step guide to running a clearance sale the RIGHT way, at the RIGHT time.

And it’s the exact strategy I use with my private clients twice a year.

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