Obama vs Romney! 12 Specific Elements of 2 Great Emails and the 2 Ideas to Improve Them

This is like your own workshop in indie retailing email campaigns! I am including two examples of good emails for you to learn from. Read through this first email and see if you can pick out the 4 great components and the one I would have changed…

Subject: Cathy Will your child be a rocket scientist?

There are 4 great components in this email.

    1. The subject line is fabulous.

      Subject: Cathy Will your child be a rocket scientist?
      Of course, I do. I absolutely opened it up.

    2. All I have to do is buy puzzles?!  DONE!

      The information shared is pertinent and important.
      The BENEFIT of buying puzzles is clearly stated.

    3. I didn’t know Kris…..this further expands the “know, like and trust” factor.

      It gets me more involved about the store.
      OK, I’ll be honest. I didn’t necessarily care about knowing her but I read it.
      And now I am reminded about a few other services that they offer in the store!

    4. Chocolate Day is on the 28th? What?! I love chocolate!

The calendar is a fun little way of sharing some more interesting info that his raving fans would go “hmmm” about.

The Facebook reference does 4 things well all on its own.

  1. It is a BIG invite to their Facebook page
  2. It TELLS you exactly what to do – “if you like this, then like us on FB”. Studies have proven that click-throughs are higher when you give specific instructions on what to do – even when it seems obvious.
  3. I love how they state that they post “silly videos”! That is a compelling and intriguing phrase that evokes curiosity.
  4. Finally, it is the last thing you see.  So if (I mean when) you do go there you aren’t missing any of the info on the newsletter.

Last, it does have a call to action – “Come in for the art project.”
But they missed the opportunity to highlight some puzzles here.

Now, for the political ads…

Subject: Bark Obama or Mutt Romney?

Again, 4 components that make this an effective email.

  1. Don’t you love this subject line too? I love the timeliness of this email. Aren’t we all thinking about the election and the debates? How could you use this in your emails?
  2. The photo of the dog is wonderful….it isn’t just of the product. Who doesn’t love a good pet photo?
  3. Notice that one highlighted line under the photos…you can shop online. Sweet! If you don’t have e-commerce, don’t worry. The biggest point that I want to make here is that you MUST make arrangements for your raving fans to get specific wonderful items easily from you. Include a hyperlink with your email address and your phone number so they can get in touch to place an order super easily.
  4. FANTASTIC info about the vendor! It was personal, gave a bit of their background and shared the benefits that other raving fans have experienced.

What do you think about it? Let me know at www.facebook.com/RETAILMavens

Who are you voting for Bark or Mutt???

Ruff Ruff…..I thought so! LOL