Why You Should Hire Like a Turtle & Fire Like a Rabbit

Turtles are slow, unhurried. They take their time.

When you are hiring a new team member, it’s so important that you move slowly and deliberately. To clarify, I don’t mean you should procrastinate or drag out the hiring process.

What I mean by slow is being intentional, thorough and knowing what you want, and what you need.

Hire Slow

Use a system.

First, be clear on the ROLE that you’re hiring for (our RETAILMavens clients get access to our Retail Roles & Responsibilities Team Organizational Chart).

Who is it you need, and what is it you need them to do?

Next, specify this role in a help wanted ad that will attract the right people.

And when you interview your qualified applicants, make sure you ask questions that will reveal if this potential new hire is who you want and need.

Check references thoroughly.

When you act in a panic – out of desperation – you make mistakes.

By putting a system into place, and following it deliberately, your results will match your intentions!

Fire Fast

Rabbits, on the other hand, are fast. They use their strong back legs to swiftly hop out of a bad situation.

When a team member is not working out, you must act in exactly the same way.

Be honest with yourself. You know a new hire isn’t going to work out within 30 days – usually sooner, right?

When they’re not fulfilling their role…

When they’re not willing to learn…

Hop out of the bad situation fast – It won’t get any better.

Use your strong back legs and move on! In my own experience, everyone is better off and happier. Your new hire knows that things aren’t going well and deserves to get on with their life right away.

And you deserve to find someone who will do a better job for you.

Know when to be a turtle, and when to be a rabbit.

And do what you need to do.