Honestly, I don’t have this done. Do you?

Paul and I with Ari

Bob Negen started out his Retail Success Summit by discussing something that I had to admit I hadn’t done for myself. Then Ari Weinzweig from Zingerman’s described the amazing culture of his deli and stores and business and gave all the credit to the same thing. You and I both have to have it.

Strategic Vision.

“A vision is a picture of what success looks like for us at a particular point in the future.” Ari Weinzweig

It reminds me of one of Stephen Covey’s habits of successful people – Begin with the End in mind.

That is the ONLY way to start.

Have you done it? Really well? Honestly, I have not. Not to the degree that I now know I have to.

Weinzweig says that you have to know what you want AND what you don’t want. You must be clear and specific. I love how he said that you have to write it out in such detail that you can actually taste, feel and smell what that success feels like for you.

Once your vision is in place, then the outcome that you are looking for is obvious.

The next step is to define the strategies you will use to get there. In the Encarta dictionary, strategy is defined as “developing a carefully devised plan of action to achieve an outcome.”

Lastly, you identify the tactics that you’ll take to create the vision. Bob defined tactics as the means to the end.

For example, Wal-Mart’s strategy is Lowest Price and their tactics are in the supply chains that they use and the deals that they get from vendors.

Kaleidescope Toys in Round Rock, Texas strategy is most fun and Terry Meyer’s tactics are all around sending fun home in every bag. The events she plans are all centered around fun and she plays games at the counter with customers often.

What is your strategic vision?

Share it with me on FB www.facebook.com/retailmavens or under this blog post. I would love to hear it. I am working on mine right now.