How to motivate your team for holiday success

We talk a lot about the importance of navigating the holiday season as a small business owner, to avoid stress and burnout (get our free guide to No More Holidaze here!)

This is especially important if you are a team of one. 

And what if you do have a team? How can you best support them through the busy holiday season so that they too can be happy, rested and performing at their best?

I have some ideas…

  • Make sure the schedule makes sense – You might have extended hours during the holiday season. It’s your job to make sure team members aren’t stretched too thin by working too long hours or being alone during busy periods
  • Make it fun – Yes the holidays are crazy and we are often dealing with rushed and stressed customers. So make it more fun by engaging your team in sales games and offer rewards for reaching joint goals
  • Make a difference – When your team feels appreciated and cared for, they will go the extra mile for you. Be sure to thank them often, and praise them when you see them implementing strategies you’ve trained them in. Bring in a free lunch as a treat, and keep water bottles on hand for busy days

Your team is a big part in you reaching success with your store. When you make them feel included in setting and hitting your goals, they are more likely to take responsibility for their part in it.

And when they are performing above and beyond your expectations – you can relax and spend your holidays being present, knowing that your team has your back.