It’s Time To Be Honest

glass-halfI strive to be authentic and transparent with you all the time.  Sometimes, I get discouraged.  I know that is a shock.  It never happens to you, right?!   I usually am cheery and chipper – your cheerleader encouraging you to be the best version of yourself you can be.  I can always see the silver lining in a dark cloud.   Well, usually anyway….. sometimes it can get hard.  My vision gets blurry.  That silver lining is tough to see.  And that glass looks half empty.  It’s time to be honest.

Today, I was on the phone with my mentor, Marc Weiss from  I had a family emergency and he took over a meeting with a client of mine about improving her staff’s selling skills.  He was relating their conversation about selling and what good selling looks like.  He said, “The most important thing is that you have to believe that what you do makes a difference every day.”

That really struck me.

How does a retailer believe that they make a difference every day?

Then Marc asked the client, “What compelled you to get into business in the first place?”  She paused for a moment.  “When I was a kid, we had magical times at Disneyland as a family.  Those memories are so special to me.  I wanted to have a toy store that would make kids and families feel like that again.”

That is a powerful story.

Marc said that the emotion behind her words brought a tear to his eye!

How about you?  

“What compelled you to get into business in the first place?”  

List out 5 reasons that you started your store.

I got started because I saw that so many retailers struggled with managing their inventory and sales.  

Now, I transform the way my clients look at their inventory which causes a radical change in their profits.  I open their eyes to a new way of seeing their customers and how they can help them more which generates better service and increased sales.  I do love what I do.

Get back in touch with your original ideas.

Are you ‘increasingly’ achieving your goal?

Moving towards it?

I guarantee that it will recharge you.

I can see that silver lining again!  Need any help?  Email me now.