Let’s Talk. You Have A Problem.

Really.  Thanks so much for coming.  I am so glad that you agreed to meet with me.  Big Hug.  I promise to keep this short and sweet.  Because I love you, I have to share with you this teeny tiny small shortcoming that is really costing you.  We have all been talking about it and know that you would want to know.

Who is ‘we’, you ask?

‘WE’ are your raving fans, of course.  We just LOVE your store and how much you teach us and what fun we have when we come in and how great you take care of us.  It is wonderful.  And the events you have – so fun!  Keep them coming for sure.  There is just one little thing.  Now keep an open mind, ok?  Hear me out…

GET RID OF ALL THIS CRAP!!  You think we don’t know that you have had some of this stuff in here for over a year?! ARE YOU KIDDING?!  It insults our intelligence.  If we had wanted it – we would have already bought it.  We didn’t want it then and no matter how much you move it around we STILL don’t want it.  You CAN’T FOOL US.  Move that stuff out!!!  Geez.

We LOVE THE NEW STUFF!  Give us more new merchandise.  You have really good taste and we love most of what you bring in.  That is what we want more of.  OK?  We WANT TO SPEND MONEY HERE!

Take that old stuff and put it on sale…maybe we’ll take another look at it.  For sure all those people who love stuff on sale will look at it – at a lower price it becomes more attractive to them.  Hmm…and maybe to me, too.  Just get it out.  Ok?

Love you!  Love your store!

Hello There – this is Cathy.  I couldn’t help overhear that convo.  Honesty is painful sometimes.  But you know that they are right, don’t you?  Take a look at my Killer Clearance Sale Secrets right here: https://www.killerclearancesale.com.  It is exactly what you need.  And you can enter SAVE50 as a discount code and save a few bucks yourself.  Then do something to treat yourself.  You deserve it.