A Line At Your Counter? Do this so you don’t miss any sales!

Let’s keep your raving fans happy and buying!  Ho-Ho-Holiday season means lines at your front counter. YAY!  But the stress of losing sales can completely ruin it for you.

I don’t want you leaving any dollars in the pockets of your customers that could have gone to you!

For proper staffing on busy days, be sure to have all the following positions filled. When expectations and responsibilities are written down and then clearly communicated, peace of mind is achieved! If a team member is not doing what they are supposed to be you can remind them. You can use this list of responsibilities to review performance afterwards.

The Ringer is very detail-oriented and responsible for ringing up the sales.

Their responsibilities are:

  • To ring each item up and check to make sure that the correct marked down price is entered
  • To ask the bagger, “How many items did you count?”
  • To make sure that the correct number of items are rung up.
  • Make sure that the tender type (credit card, check, gift certificate or cash) is rung up correctly.
  • Mention to each and every customer the extra impulse items that are on the counter.
  • Ask if they would like to join the loyalty program – “Sign on the clipboard right there!”  Don’t take time right then to fill in the info.
  • Have an idea to make the next busy time better!

The Bagger must be able to multi-task and be friendly!

Their responsibilities are:

  • To count the number of items in each sale and be ready to report that number back to the Ringer BEFORE items are bagged.
  • To carry on small talk with customers and make them feel happy with their purchases – inserting humor as often as possible. Also telling them, “Ok, please give me just a second, let me count your items here to make sure that you weren’t double charged for anything.”
  • To make sure that there are enough packaging supplies during the sale and to restock at night and check in the morning.
  • Empty the garbage when it is ¾ full so that it NEVER overflows during the day.
  • In a clothing store, empty out the hanger area regularly.
  • Have an idea to make the next busy time better!

Your Sales Team is the next ingredient you need.

Their responsibilities are:

  • Look at what each customer has in their hands and think of 2 items to go with each 1 item that they are holding. Think of coordinating pieces or accessories or items that allow them to get better use out of the one in their hands. It is all about maximizing their enjoyment and use of their purchase.
  • That is all you have to do.
  • TIP: keep your eyes open for any peculiar actions that may indicate shoplifting. If you see something, mention it to the host. Extra large purses…taking a long time in the changing room…a large pile in a stroller and the child is walking! I am sure that you can add a few more items. Just be aware of it.
  • Have an idea to make the next busy time better!

The Host of this fabulous party is you- the business owner! I’m counting on you to be the Host of this big wonderful party that you’re throwing for your raving fans.

Your responsibilities are:

  • Mingle and smile and make sure it is all going smoothly.
  • Are you ordering lunch?
  • Make sure that customers are connected to a salesperson if they need to be. You can say to a customer, “That is a great question, and Jill will have the answer for you.” You can answer it if time and traffic allows – but try to extricate yourself as quickly as possible so you can be the best host ever.
  • Re-merchandise any holes or empty spots as fast as possible.
  • Watch for customer reactions to items to see if anything needs to be marked down or moved. Take action as soon as possible.
  • Make sure that everyone gets to take a break. Set your phone timer for the first time. It is so easy to lose track of time – and suddenly everyone is tired and hungry! Don’t let that happen.
  • Keep moving, talking to your fans and loving them up. This is the way you can make sure to get every single dollar that every single customer intended to give you.
  • Have an idea to make the next busy time better!

There you have it!!  Any questions just hit reply and ask me.  It is why I am here – to give you the specific steps to have more peace, fun, and profit!

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