Move More Product Out – Move More Cash In – Don’t Make This Mistake

You might be making it hard for your customers to buy!

I know you don’t want that.  I Just got off the phone with a new client who was making this mistake.  I get it.  I used to too – until I learned better!

There are 3 big bad common mistakes that I see indie retailers like you make and it is killing you.  I did 3 quick videos to help you. Today is tip #2!


One quick clarification:  When I said to mark things down to 99 cents, this is what I meant… Let’s say my originally priced $16.00 item was being marked down 25%.  I would round it to $11.99.  Then when I looked at the sale of an item, I was always able to determine if it had been sold at a marked down price.  Any questions, just ask!

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Happy Retailing and Love,

Cathy Donovan Wagner
Your Retail Profit Maven