Want To Move Some Old Inventory Fast? Learn This Consumer Psychology Trick Regular

This is one of my favorite secrets to a successful sale.  You can do it anytime – but clearance time is the best.  Retailers miss it all the time!  I want you to have every  opportunity to move out more sale junk…oh I didn’t mean to say that – I meant to say  fine high quality but slightly less popular merchandise!

There are 3 big bad common mistakes that I see indie retailers like you make and it is killing you.  I did 3 quick videos to help you. This is the last one!

What?!  You want more!  Don’t we all.  LOL!  Watch the video…

Todays tip is a great consumer psychology trick that will put more dollars into your pocket.


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Happy Retailing and Love,

Cathy Donovan Wagner
Your Retail Profit Maven