My Fav Easter Cartoon Ever

Want to know what My Fav Easter Cartoon Ever is? You know when you see something that makes you laugh so hard that you double over holding your belly. And everyone else in the room is laughing too. That just makes you laugh at it harder, right?

Then when you catch your breath… you are breathing so heavy with a big smile on your face. You have to wipe away the few tears that leaked out while you were laughing. Gradually, you come to the awareness that everyone was laughing at YOU.

It wasn’t the joke or the cartoon that made them laugh. It was your reaction to it that was so hilarious. Don’t leave me here alone! You know what I mean!

That perfectly describes what happened at our family dinner table the first time that I saw this cartoon. Now it has become a part of our family lore. So much so, that my oldest Caitlin found it on a birthday card for me! Now it is permanently displayed in our kitchen.

Easter Cartoon

Well, when you are done laughing and crying….because it is so funny right?!?!… on for one fast quick sales tip for you to use for the next couple of days.

Say each of these to each and every customer with a big fun attitude!

You know the Easter Bunny shops here, right? Do you need to get anything else for baskets?

Going anywhere special for this weekend? Need a special hostess gift? We have them!

Write them down on a post it note and put it on your register and in the back room. Or print out this email – so your team can enjoy the cartoon too! And watch to see how much this increases your engagement with your raving fans and increases sales.

Have fun and don’t stop laughing!