People Are Out…and NOT In Your Store

All my conversations with my private clients have been about what to do about sales this month. I thought that you might benefit from this too.

  1. You MUST know what your monthly goal is to begin with!
  2. There is still more than a week left. It isn’t over. Commit to taking action
  3. Set up a way to communicate with your staff about what to do
  4. Send an email out to your customers with a VERY specific and urgent call to action. Here is the biggest tip…DO NOT make it a discount….make it a gift with purchase. Think of a high profit margin item that you have 25 or so of that you can give away. Make the offer something like -“Enjoy the early spring with a new spring dress and our gift to you is a pair of beautiful earrings! Hurry in we only have 25” or something like that. The key is to show the earrings – because people are skeptical and might think you are just getting rid of ugly junk. But you aren’t – and they are beautiful!
  5. Another idea: If you sell scarves, do a 12 day email series highlighting a different way to tie/wear a scarf each day. Include in each email, a tidbit about another product or vendor. Make the email short and sweet and fun. Because it is a series about a topic, you have permission to email them 12 days and remind them about why they love your store. Don’t miss it.
  6. Create a sales focus for your team EVERYDAY. An easy way to do this is by having a different game or promotion every day through the end of the month. Without fail this serves to inspire and motivate your staff to sell more. I will be posting ideas on Facebook every day for you. Click here to like me and make sure you see them.
  7. Just Do It!