I am suffering from jet lag. I am not asking for any sympathy. It is a blessing to be suffering from having to adjust to a different time zone – especially when the other zone was Denmark and Switzerland where you spent glorious time with your family!

So I woke up really early today – 4:00am. I tried to go back to sleep but was unsuccessful. I kept thinking about what I had to do today. That has happened to you, right? So I decided that I would get up and write down everything. Get it out of my head and onto paper – then go back to sleep. But I didn’t have any paper handy so I grabbed my iPhone. “I’ll just put the list in there,” I thought to myself. Clicking on my Reminders app, I typed in “Write Ezine First”. Then I thought that I should check to see if I got an email back from my new client about her class structure because if I had that info then that would be the second thing on my list…..


3 HOURS LATER I REALIZED THAT IT WAS 7 AM and I hadn’t even started writing this and my first client meeting was in 30 minutes!

Have you seen the movie “Up”? Most, if not all, retailers have focus problems and that dog in the movie describes many of us perfectly…SQUIRREL!

Every squirrel the dog sees he chases…regardless of what he was doing before.

I do that too. Much more often than I should. How about you?

So today’s message is FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS.

NOT on Squirrels.

What revenue generating item should you be working on right now?!

Thanks for reading. Know that you aren’t alone! 🙂 Take a deep breath.