The Election or Hurricane Sandy: Where’s the focus? Where’s your focus?

Thank God that the storm is over. We are all breathing a little easier – the anticipation of it was incredible. I could hardly stop watching TV.

But the election strategists had to be having a heart attack as they lost precious time before the election. They lost precious time to make certain specific differentiating points clear to all of us voters. Their job is to create focus for us.

In retail the secret of our success is creating focus too. We are in an era of ‘info-besity’ as my friend Sam Horn has declared. She is completely right. How do your raving fans know where to shop – let alone what to buy? YOU TELL THEM! You create focus driving them into your store.

Paul and I were at our Mastermind through last Saturday night. So we watched the big Notre Dame vs Oklahoma game in our hotel. It was just thrilling. ND won! We are undefeated!
We left the next day to drive home. It occurred to me that we could “easily” drive by Notre Dame on our way home. “Easily” means that it only took us 30 minutes out of our way and then added another good 30 minutes onto our trip as I shopped in the bookstore. I knew EXACTLY WHY I wanted to go there and EXACTLY WHAT I wanted to buy.

Every year, Notre Dame produces The Shirt. This is the 23rd annual Student Activities fundraiser shirt sponsored by the students and alumni of Notre Dame. (When you see the word sponsored, read it as bought!) It is always the greatest looking tee shirt in the ND catalog.

I walked into the bookstore and walked right past all the millions of other branded apparel and items…right to The Shirt.

The focus had been created. I drove out of my way. I committed an extra hour of my time to it.

I got the shirt!

How can you create focus? I’ll give you more specific tips this week on facebook and I’ll write more about it next time.