The Olympic Torch and YOU.

While in Switzerland, we travelled to Lausanne which is the home of the IOC and the Olympic Museum. We had the opportunity to see every torch and medal from all the modern day Olympics. I even got to hold a replica of the 2012 torch! A breathtaking moment.

There are 2 fun facts about the London 2012 Olympic Torch:

  1. The body of the torch has 8,000 holes in it which represent the 8,000 people who will carry it from Greece to the London.
  2. The triangular shape of it was inspired by the multiples of three that overarch these Olympics:
    1. The year 2012 marks the third time the Games have been held in London.
    2. There are three core Olympic Values: respect, friendship and excellence.
    3. The Olympic Motto contains these three words: faster, higher, stronger.

For a few brief moments, the world focuses attention on the Olympic torch as it carries the flame into the Opening Ceremonies. Then it will be used to light the cauldron and the announcement will be made that the Games have begun.

That flame is the symbol of the Olympic Games. It is a bright light that shines over and above all the darkness and business of life.

For you, the Olympic flame represents your message to your raving fans.

Your store is the torch carrying that flame.

You must be clear about your message so that it can be a light that attracts those raving fans.

People travel for miles to catch a glimpse of the Olympic torch traveling by them. They come to see the torch as it makes it way toward the Olympic Stadium so that they can be a part of the Games in a small way. The flame shines clearly so people can find it! How bright and clear is your message? (Hint: It has to be about the benefit that you offer your fans.) How far would your customers come to see your store?

The torch is highly symbolic and carries so much meaning for many people. What is your store’s torch? What message are you sending out that will rally your raving fans? Think about that as you enjoy the Opening Ceremonies.